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    Hi Niraj,

    I just tested subscribe2 (default options) with my plugin and everything’s working fine (WP 3.3.1).

    Could you be more specific about your problem ?

    Hello Artyshow,

    Same question, but different plugin : i am using dagon mailer on most of my websites, and would liike to know if your plugin is compatible.

    second question : i am also using alo easy mail to send newsletters. The newsletter already have their own format. So is it possible a way or another to prevent your plugin form formatting the newletters emails ?

    thanks for your help.

    I upgraded WP-Better-Email plugin. Now, my form emails are going plain i.e. I am using WP-CRM for forms. I tested with reset password from login page and new user registration, its sending through formatted emails as by WP-Better-Email but only forms throughout the site has started sending users plain email. Please help how do I activate WP-Better-Email plugin for sending all emails including forms.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author hellonico


    They’re actually not plain text. WP-CRM add a text/html header to the emails sent.
    WP Better Emails can consequently not wrap emails with the template.

    Thanks for answering it but I replaced the upgraded plugin files with the older files. Now, everything is working fine.

    But the question remains why they stopped working and how to correct them? Because I want to keep upgrading my favorite plugin wp-better-emails- its simply wonderful!

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author hellonico


    You will not be able to have both plugins working together.

    As long as WP-CRM sends HTML emails, WP Better Emails won’t wrap them with a template.

    Dear nlemoine. Sorry, I don’t get that logic. as I said above, after replacing with older files of wp-better-email plugin. Everything is working fine. I didn’t make any change in wp-crm.

    I just wanted to know, why the upgrade to wp-better-email stopped same which was working in previous version.

    Plugin Author hellonico


    I could write you a detailed explanation but it requires some WP/PHP knowledges.

    In short : the fact that it’s working with the old version of WP Better Emails was actually a misbehaviour of my plugin.

    It’s also working fine because WP-CRM sets their emails as ‘HTML’ but don’t use any HTML inside them… If they used full HTML templates (like Woocommerce for instance), my plugin would wrap the content with a template around their template and it would mess things up (=> last update fixes this).

    You should send your request to the WP-CRM developpers, they should propose a “format” option for sending emails in HTML or plain text.

    Yes, I have already updated them about this situation. I don’t know php but just can tweak some stuff.

    As a user, I believe atleast one option either plugin should have given as- (check) override all email formats for xxx.

    Thanks anyway I appreciate your response.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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