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  • Just installed wp-bannerize and I can’t see any way to assign a banner to a category. I want to show banner-A in group Sidebar when category=3. There seems to be functionality in the wp_bannerize() call but no way to tag the banner.

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  • Hi, you cant’t tag a single banner. You can show a “group” for a specify category.

    For example you could create a new group called “list_for_category_news”. Then, when you show banner (using the widget, shortcode or php code) select the appropriate category.
    For example using the Widget in sidebar you select the news category only.


    I don’t see that it could possibly work.

    In the bannarize function, you pass an array to is_category(), which has no chance of succeeding. Then I don’t see that the $cat_id is included in the query in any way.

    I’ve looked at enough now to be able to make it work the way I want. But it would be very useful to be able to associate a banner with one or more categories to really do category selection correctly. I’ll just need to create a group that matches the category name.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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