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    Hi, I am interested in buying the full version, however I want to be sure that if fits well my needs.

    In details I would like to know:
    -if the image background should be a concrete size, or can be a little image with x-repeat?
    -will the background image be shown from point X to point Y? (I you should look at my site).

    If you can give me this information I’ll give you the link to my site and I will show you 2 screenshots, where you’ll see where I would like the image to start and to finish. You’ll tell me if the current code of the site will allow me to do it without changes.

    I would appreciate that

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  • Plugin Author InoPlugs


    the premium version comes with 5 background types.

    4 slider types (video, kenburns, youtube slider, etc.) will always scale the image/video background so that it covers the entire screen (“fullsize background”). However you have the option to deactivate cropping – in this case the width/height won’t exceed the screen viewport and the users can view the entire image. The downside is that if the media aspect ratio doesn’t fit the screen resolution you’ll see black bars. This option is very useful for photographers though (portait images, etc.).

    The premium version also comes with a css background type which allows you to configure everything which can be done with css (background-attachment, background-repeat, background-position, background-size, background-attachment, etc.).

    So to answer your question – both can be done with the css background type (x-repeat & background-position) but you can’t use the video/youtube/image slider because these slider always scale the images/media files.

    Thanks for your detailed answer. Please take a look at this site. As you can see it has 3 thin black lines.
    One at the very top, before the title.
    One after the navbars.
    One before the footer.

    After taking a quick look at the code, do you think I can fit a clickable background image between the line after the navbar and the line before the footer?

    Plugin Author InoPlugs


    No, because the distance between the line varies based on the content and you can’t use a fixed background position value.

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