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  1. Scandalous
    Posted 8 years ago #

    during testing, I couldn't place the bid amount I wanted. The plugin would change the amount. Say I wanted to bid $10. on an auction and the previous bid was $5.00. Well, this plugin changes my bid to $6.50 or some other amount that seems completely random. This could be a little (or a lot!) confusing to people who want to bid on an item.

    I went to their support site and saw someone else posted this problem. Their reply was that is how all auction sites work. But when I use ebay, If I bid $10., my bid is $10.


  2. MotherFatherCockerSpaniel
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Depending on how the developer of the plugin implemented this type of bidding, then they may very well be correct. If it automatically raises your bid up to the $10 max bid you placed, then that is how eBay and other auctions sites work. If it doesn't automatically bid up for you when other bids are made, then it's not implemented correctly.

    Frankly, I'm impressed if they implemented a max bid strategy, because it took eBay a long time to implement that (I've been active on eBay pretty much since their beginning).

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