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  • I know this is probably legally correct, but I find it very misleading to continuously speak of selling something for free on your own site, then requiring people to pay for the plugin.

    Bad form. can’t help but comment on this!

    EDIT: wrong forum … can’t move it

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  • Hi Mores,

    There are 2 versions of the plugin. Both allow you to auction items off your blog without paying any listing fees; or any of the other fees that sites like eBay charge.

    The Gold version has a number of other features, but you can still opt to use the free version at no charge.

    Hope this helps clarify


    So I have the “Free Version” and this looks like one of the most open areas for discussion of any problems with this plugin. Maybe someone can help.

    to add a post, the authors website says:
    * Can I place auctions in a post or page?

    Yes you can. Just follow these steps –

    1. Write a draft for your post or page and save it in WordPress.
    2. Add an auction under the WP Auctions admin area.
    3. At the very bottom of the panel you will see an option called “Show auction in AJAX Popup:” select “No” and specify the post or page URL you just saved in the field provided. You can get the URL by looking at the absolute path of your post, for example
    4. Go back to your saved draft, below the write area you will see a window that says “Insert Auction”. Select your auction and click “Insert Auction”.
    5. The short code is as formatted as such: [ wpauction id=”Auction ID” / ]
    6. That’s it!


    Points 3,4 and 5 don’t exist in my plugin (I just downloaded and I’m on the latest version of WP)
    My guess is that it doesn’t work without paying for it.
    I have tried to enter variation of the short code to make my auction appear, but it doesn’t work.

    Then I found this

    is it true that the free version of your plugin does absolutely nothing?

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