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  • Resolved faeronsayn


    Okay, I know there is another thread made about this already. But the answer provided there did not help me at all. I also think the cause of my problem is slightly different and thus may require a different solution.

    Here is the console output when I try to submit the reply. Everything works, the green box appears at the top saying my comment is posted. But I can’t see it until I refresh the page. The console say’s the following.

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Comment has been posted wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found comment URL ‘’ in X-WPAC-URL header. wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found unapproved state ‘0’ in X-WPAC-UNAPPROVED wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Replace comment form… wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Anchor ‘#comment-666’ extracted from comment URL ‘’ wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Anchor element not found (selector: ‘#comment-666’) wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    wpac_debug wp-ajaxify-comments.js:68
    jQuery.ajax.success wp-ajaxify-comments.js:224
    f.extend._Deferred.e.resolveWith jquery.min.js:16
    w jquery.min.js:18

    I tried to change the Comment Form Selector, to comment-list that didn’t help and completely removed ajax from the comments. The console says found everything when I reload a page with comments so that should be fine.

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  • Plugin Author janjonas


    Hi faeronsayn,

    Thanks for your comment. Is your WordPress site public available? You can either post the link in this forum or send me a private message on


    You can visit my site here:

    I was testing the comments here.

    Also the reply part is not ajaxified either.


    exactly the same log in my firebug, any solution ?

    Btw the plugin is great.

    Plugin Author janjonas


    @faeronsayn: Please try the following configuration:

    Comment form selector: #PostCommentForm
    Comments container selector: #CommentListWrapper
    Respond container selector: #RespondToPost

    Hope this helps.

    @privaloops: Could you send me a link to your WordPress site?

    Best regards,

    Hi, my site is not available from outside, the only solution is to update your host file. I can give you the conf in a private message if you want


    that’s awesome.

    That made it work 🙂

    I just have one question, is the “reply” feature not ajaxified?

    Whenever I click on reply on another posted comment it refreshed the page. So I am assuming that part of the comments is not ajaxified.

    Here is the log

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Initializing version 0.5.2wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found jQuery version ‘1.7.2’wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found jQuery blockUI version ‘2.42’wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Search comment form(selector: ‘#commentform’)… Found:

    [form#commentform wp-comments-post.php]wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Search comments container(selector: ‘#comments’)… Found: [h4#comments] wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Search respond container
    (selector: ‘#respond’)… Found: [div#respond]wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Initialization completed


    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Comment has been posted wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found comment URL ‘’ in X-WPAC-URL header.

    wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Found unapproved state ‘0’ in X-WPAC-UNAPPROVED wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Replace comment form…wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Anchor ‘#comment-2562’ extracted from comment URL ‘’ wp-aja…r=0.5.2 (ligne 68)

    [WP-Ajaxify-Comments] Anchor element not found (selector: ‘#comment-2562’)

    Plugin Author janjonas


    @faeronsayn: Your theme has take care of “ajaxifiying” the reply feature. This is not part of the plugin. I think you have to contact the developer of your theme.

    @privaloops: Please leave me a private message on The debug output looks good, but most likely one of the selectors needs to be changed to support your theme.

    Plugin Author janjonas


    Both problems should be fixed.

    I am also having the same problem when I am using the plugin on my KenFolios technology blog. I must also admit that I am using Amazon CloudFront CDN and not sure if this is causing the issue. Can someone help me get both the things working together.

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