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  • Yes, this is the case, but it’s only $10 a year. Very reasonable IMO.

    The version here will be maintained to ensure compatibility with the latest WP version, but no major updates will be released here. So for all the users that like the plugin the way it is, they can keep using it for free.

    However, 4.0 is coming soon, and it’s going to have some awesome must-have features.

    It’s a shame to develop a plugin for the comunity. Share it. And after start asking for money.

    You don’t cach the opensource idea I think.


    Ps: was a nice plugin.


    Opensource does not equal free. You’re naive if you think otherwise.

    I’m not in a situation where I can justify developing plugins for free. It was either remove the plugin from WP Extend, or start charging for it.

    If I like this plugin and it works like it is described, I would pay $10 per year in a hot second.

    I think anyone who creates an awesome plugin should charge a fee for updates that make it even better and expand it’s functionality.

    Everyone wants everything for free and are willing to put absolutely zero effort into doing things for themselves. Add a price tag and all hell breaks loose. LMAO, these type of people never go anywhere with their sites and never will.

    Those who invest in your plugin, will help support your efforts and most likely drive traffic to you that will also pay you for your plugin.

    Stand by your decision to charge a premium fee. Don’t let these slackers change your mind. 😉

    @ronalfy – Couple of things, Ron.

    1. It’s $25 per year not $10 per year. Considering when you posted your first comment on this thread, the price must have gone up within the last month?

    2. There’s no link that I can find on that leads to anywhere else on the site. Considering you’ve taken the time to write up detailed documentation pages (including many more images) about the plugin, I suggest that an obvious link be made to at least the “Blog” and “Documentation” page (nice, BTW) on the site. People need to be informed about what they’re buying and the documentation pages are well organized, very informative and easy to read.

    I have no problem with a plugin author(s) wanting to make a bit of money from the work they put into creating such a advanced plugin such as Ajax Edit Comments, none at all. But the “starting at” price and links to pages that inform the potential buyer as to what he/she is exactly getting for their money need to be obvious and up front on the “Home” page.

    Just my (somewhat) experienced two cents.


    A quote from Saving Private Ryan comes to mind:

    Reiben, pay attention. Now, this is the way to gripe. Continue, Jackson.

    We’re doing multivariate testing right now to see what works best on our landing page. Per your suggestions, I added in an option for both our Demo Blog, and our Documentation section. I also made the links at the top larger (in one of the scenarios).

    Time will tell what converts better.

    Thanks for the feedback.


    I just bought a subscription under the name of Neo just a few minutes ago simply because I use and love this plugin. Don’t get trigger-happy with the prices though. They are fair at the moment.

    fyi: Use Chrome or Firefox when browsing Ronalds site. Other browsers won’t let you log in (Safari).


    Very strange. I just was able to log in using Safari. Are you using Safari for Mac or Windows?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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