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    When a user replies, they can simply refresh the page afterwards and it will repost their reply. I believe the URL contains the code that does this. I noticed this issue when A user made 50 reposts of the same post.

    The reason of why my website benefits from reloads is because it is highly trafficked, I have over 300 authors that is using your plugin… I hope you understand why this is an issue in this scenario.

    Nonetheless, cheers for the plugin, very handy for us.

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    I tried to fix this behavior in version 2.2.1, so that the plugin blocks double postings. Please let me know if it works 😉




    Thank you very much for the reply and addressing this issue so promptly. I only just noticed it.

    I have a request though. We have modified several of the core files for the plugin to customize it for our platform. This is turn makes it very difficult to upgrade and redo the changes. We are currently running version 2.1.0

    If it is not too much to ask, is there any possibility that you can tell me what part of the code needs changing for the bugfix? This way I will be able to manually address the issue without the hassle of recustomizing the entire plugin again.

    Thank you again for the direct support, this comes rarely by plugin developers nowdays.



    For the bugfix add in wp_admin_microblog.php in the function add_message behind:

    $post_time = current_time('mysql',0); (it’s line 21 in the original)

    the following lines:

    // check message duplications
    $duplicate = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT text FROM $admin_blog_posts WHERE text = '$content' AND post_parent = '$parent' AND user = '$user'");
    if ( $duplicate != "" ) {
        if ( strlen($duplicate) == strlen($content) ) {
             return false;

    Excellent! Works perfectly, I added this in the wp_admin_microblog_messages.php file accordingly to your instructions and it has resolved the issue!

    Thank you again for the great support. I look forward to your future work with this (or any other) plugin.

    Maybe I should post a few alterations that we have done to the plugin, such as integration of the User Photo plugin…

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