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    I have set your plugin to only log: login, login fails and profile edits.

    In the log, up to 8 CONNECT activities per user show up in a period of 1-2 minutes?
    Additionally for some CONNECT activities, the user’s first and last name are shown instead of his loginname?

    I am using WP 3.2.1 and also the following plugins: theme-my-login, user-access-manager

    Any idea what could be causing this strange behaviour? Is your plugin picking up something else as CONNECT activity?


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  • @dric:

    The showing of first and last name was caused by my WP user setup.
    Therefore not an issue with your plugin.

    Remains however the multiple CONNECT entries in the log.
    Are you tracking the wp_login hook correctly?

    Looking forward to a resolution.


    Plugin Author Dric



    It seems that the plugins that deal with the login process of WordPress are causing double or triple login events in wp-activity. I don’t know why and I could’nt find a solution. In frontend the double login events are not displayed, but not in WP admin panel. I will add an option to not display them in WP admin too.

    Plugin Author Dric


    Could you test the 1.5 version here and tell me if you get rid of the double-event login bug ?



    Installed 1.5 on my test site.
    But am still experiencing deactivate/activate issue (see other topic
    Cannot go into production for live login testing if this deactivate/activate issue risks to occur there too…

    Could you look into this?
    (appreciate all the work done on 1.5!)

    Rgds, Tom

    Went into production with 1.6.1.
    Will monitor whether the issue is resolved and get back to you.

    Hi Dric,
    Since 1.6.1 this issue seems to be resolved.
    Many thanks!

    I’m having this issue on a new installation of this plugin, version 1.9.2, with a multi-site setup. The Activity Log page in the admin shows multiple CONNECT activities for each user. Since I just installed the plugin I don’t yet have a great deal of logged activity, but one user has 16 connect events over a 20 minute period.

    Like the OP in this thread I’m also using the theme-my-login plugin. Could this be a plugin conflict issue?

    Plugin Author Dric


    That’s strange ! Venntom had a double login event only when connecting, but it seems your user has login events even when being already logged in.

    When you try to log in, do you have multiple logien events, or did you only saw it with this user ?

    It gets stranger… now that some user activity has been logged there appear to be random variations in the logging of login events.

    When I first logged in after installing the plugin this afternoon, 4 CONNECT events were logged for my user name in 6 seconds.

    When I logged in about 30 minutes ago, 3 CONNECT events were logged in 7 seconds.

    However, now each time I log out and immediately log in again, only one CONNECT event is logged.

    Looking at the other data in the Activity log…
    2 users were each logged 6 times in less than 2 minutes.
    2 users were each logged 4 times in less than 15 seconds.
    2 users were each logged 3 times in a few seconds.
    2 users were each logged 2 times in a few seconds.
    1 user was logged 16 times in 20 minutes.
    And for 2 users only one CONNECT event was logged.

    I’d switch off all the other plugins to test for a conflict, but at least at this moment I can’t reliably replicate the issue even with the other plugins enabled.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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