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    Hi Dric,

    i use wp-activity and it totally fits what i need :). My compliments. There is one question i want to ask you. Because of my FB login script, it seems my members always login twice. unfortunately they show double up in your plugin. Can you make an option to “GROUP” users so they just show up once, showing their last activity? This would be awesome Dric.

    Thanks for your answer.


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  • Plugin Author Dric


    I will look at this. Thanks for using my plugin !

    Plugin Author Dric


    I wrote a patch that doesn’t display the second event login if two of them occur within a minute. Please download v1.3.2 to test it.

    Hi Dric,

    it’s running and it works (also for old logins, cool!). But there is one strange thing, whether i choose 5 recent activities it shows 3 and if i choose 10 it shows 5 as a widget and 4 in the page. Before it was working.

    The code i use is: [ACT_STREAM number=”10″ title=””].

    The widget is at (in the middle)

    The page is at

    Thanks for your quick responses and fixes. Really appreciate 🙂

    /ah… i removed the doubles and now it shows 9… i take a look to see whats happening at nr 10

    It seems that new logins arent registered. I will remove everything in the database and try again.

    OK, i emptied the DB (reset DB in your options) and now it shows the first one.

    BUT another issue; the date isnt correct so it does show 2 records cause it’s not in the same minut.

    my records:

    1 11/07/0788 13:10:37 David CONNECT
    2 11/07/0777 13:10:37 David CONNECT

    strange year, im afraid i cannot analyse this cause i dont know where this is coming from.

    Plugin Author Dric


    I corrected the number of lines displayed bug : the hidden lines were counting on the total lines displayed.

    In fact when a double login occurs, the two lines are stored in DB. And this is masked only in frontend (widget or shortcode), you will continue to see two logs in admin panel.

    This doesn’t explain your strange date problem.

    I updated the wp-activity.php. Can you test it ? (same download url as previous)

    On installation I get code starting thus at the top of my index page:
    .__(‘Error: No record was found for the license you entered.’, ‘pbacklinks’).’

    ‘; return $newlicense; } if( $response[‘content’] == “true”) { $options = get_options_fix(); $options[“pbl_license”] = $newlicense; update_option(“pbl_options”, serialize($options)); echo ‘
    ‘.__(‘License has been updated successfully.’, ‘pbacklinks’).’

    ‘; return $options[“pbl_license”]; } else { echo ‘
    ‘.__(‘Error: Comunication error to the license server, please try again.’, ‘pbacklinks’).’:

    I cannot find how to uninstall or delete the Plugin with a view to starting again. Are you able to assist please.

    Plugin Author Dric


    You just have to delete or rename the wp-activity dir in wp-content/plugins to disable the plugin.

    If it continues after this, then it means that the plugin WP Easy Stats is guilty, not my plugin !

    Yes it works. Thank you 🙂

    Only problem for me now is the strange date problem. Everytime there is a strange date. like now:


    i will uninstall, re-install and update with your php file again to see if the date problem is gone (i guess not 🙁 )

    Re-install didnt work. The update is perfect, but the date is not working for me 🙁

    I can not put my finger on these strange date’s:

    5618/07/11 13:10:38

    (time AND date arent right… he logged in at 14.00)

    Plugin Author Dric


    I updated wp-activity.php.

    No code change, just more informations displayed when displaying dates. I hope this will help to find what’s going wrong.

    I tried the following:

    changed the date formats in your plugin – didnt help
    changed the date formats in wordpress – didnt help
    reinstall to be sure there is no corrupt data – didnt help.

    does it seem to be just me then? 🙂

    My recent activity time says:

    time : 11 July 2011 14 h 27 mi – in_seconds : 11 July 7219 13 h 10 mi = diff : 189388800 – gmt_option : 2

    Somewhere it goes wrong 🙂

    Plugin Author Dric


    in_seconds is the login date stored in DB. Could you explore the wp-activity table and look for the act_date column ?
    If the date in DB is wrong too, then the problem occurs when the event login is added in DB.

    Yes, the DB is wrong. Not just shown wrong. Im now looking into the wp-activity.php file.

    Must be something with this line:

    $act_time=mysql2date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”, time());

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