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    It’s possible to remove our watermark with purchased version only.

    Yes, you have to pay a not insubstantial sum to remove their spamlink. Funny, there is NO mention of this, ANYWHERE AT ALL, on the plugin description, or on their webpage to download the slider maker, nowhere. That’ll be because they don’t WANT you to know that you’ll have to fork out that sum, because then you’d not download it in the first place. They like it just like this, where you download, install, configure, and finally upload your slider before you discover that there’s this horrible little banner in the corner of all your shows demanding money. Now, before you think ‘hmm, it ain’t a massive amount, I’ll just pay it’, ask yourself – do you really want to buy something from a company so underhand that they hide their sales demands until you’ve purchased? I don’t, and so the plugin has been uninstalled. I’ve also complained to that they shouldn’t have a plugin in the library that uses deceitful tactics.

    Plugin Contributor WOWSlider


    Actually, we don’t hide anything. Information about watermark was added many times both on our website and on WordPress. It’s more complex to don’t find this info than vice versa.

    Please see:
    * Our plugin on WordPress – FAQ (2 times):
    * Our Website – main page, download part:
    “WOW Slider Commercial Edition additionally provides an option to remove the WOW credit line as well as a feature to put your own logo to images.”
    * Our Website – page “Downloads and Licenses” (2 times):
    * Our Website – FAQ (3 times):

    Also, if software has Free and Purchased versions, it’s quite obvious that these versions are not the same.

    Also, when you create your slideshow in WOWSlider app., there is the disabled “Watermark” option with text “” and hyperlink “Click to disable this option” at “Templates” tab. Of course, if “Watermark” option wasn’t enabled, text “” will appear on your images.

    Hi WOWSlider, just a suggestion, but I would bring your prices down a lot. I wanted your plugin, but 65 quid for a plugin is a lot of money I have got 24 plugins and image if each one costed 64 Pounds.

    Just a suggestion, because if it was no more than 25 pounds I would buy it, and so would the other 5 people who thought 65 pounds was too much. So at the end of the day, you’ll make more that what you may be making now.

    Thanks for the great plugin though and if you have every got it on the market for 25 pounds, let me know and I’ll be one of the first to buy it.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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