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  • Resolved Tony Pratt


    Recently bought WOW Slider 2.5 business version. Works great in HTML but not with WordPress 3.4.1 posts.
    I first followed the WOW video tutorial and created the .zip file from WOW 2.5 exactly as instructed and after creating and uploading a new plug-in based on this file I simply saw the text of the shortcode after saving and viewing the post. I then deleted that plug-in and installed the WOW 2.5.3 plug-in from WordPress’s plug-in site and added the .zip file to that with the same results. No error message but at the same time no slider either. Am I overlooking something?

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  • Tony Pratt


    I am not getting any assistance from WOW Slider support.

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with getting WOW Slider to work with posts? My environment is WP 3.4.1, WOW Slider 2.5 and the WOW slider 2.5.3 Plug-in download from the WP plug-in page. When the post is updated after the paste of the WOW Slider shortcode and viewed the slider does not appear while viewing the post.

    I originally mistakenly reported that I saw the shortcode while viewing the post, I meant to say that I saw the short code after leaving the HTML view and returned to the ‘visual’ view in Dashboard.

    As I mentioned nothing appears, not even an error message. I get the same results on my testing server as well as online with a Gatorhost blog.

    Any Help appreciated

    Tony Pratt


    I discovered what the issue was. After attempting some fixes including a re-install of WOW Slider I did what I should have done right out of the gate when I saw a failure to produce a slider on a post – I changed themes on the blog. After the change the sliders came into place.

    My original WOW Slider problematic theme is entitled ‘Desire’. At least for me it is not compatible with WOW.

    I regret my comment about WOW support, they can’t check against every theme.

    Anyone know how to incorporate a WOW Slider into a php page?

    Plugin Contributor WOWSlider


    > I am not getting any assistance from WOW Slider support.
    Actually, we have sent you email. Did you get it?

    > I discovered what the issue was…
    Yes, it was problem with ‘Desire’ theme. I downloaded and installed it, after that I disabled default slideshow and WOWSlider appears.

    > Anyone know how to incorporate a WOW Slider into a php page?
    Please see below instructions:
    * Add WOWSlider in WordPress widget:
    * Add WOWSlider in WordPress header:
    * If you want to insert WOWSlider into php page (not WordPress), you can do it manually:
    “Part 7 – Add WOW Slider inside your own page.” Don’t forget to upload generated “data” and “engine” folders on your server.
    Notice that WOWSlider app. generates HTML code, but it’s possible to add HTML code on php pages.

    Tony Pratt


    Thanks for the reply, somehow I missed your email.
    I had actually tried the copy and paste of head and body info from a slider folder I had saved to the root of my site and it appeared at the time the javascript was hosed because the images simply slid and did not contain the transitions nor were the navigation arrows visible.

    After I received your reply I went back and visited my test php page and discovered that I had failed to update the path of the .js file in the head section.

    Everything is working fine and looks very good.

    Thanks for your help,

    I am trying to use wow slider with “responsive theme” … it is not working … i have used the short code …I dont get an error message … and i dont see my slide show on home page … 🙁 …. any help would be much appreciated.

    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

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