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  • Installed ok and activated.

    Re: After installation use Import button on the Admin ‘World Cup’ overview option to load the teams and match schedules.

    Cannot locate Admin ‘World Cup’ overview option.

    Really looking forward to testing this.

    looks promising, but this is only for users? why not for visitors of a site? Then the entry form should ask for name, e-mailadress, password, et cetera. I have many visitors, but just a few users.

    Re: bsuwriter:

    In order to manage the teams, matches etc. the logged in user must have the Worldpress capability wcp2010_manager. By default
    the plugin adds this capability to the Administrator and Editor roles. If the World Cup menu option is not available verify that
    the currrent user has the wcp2010_manager role. You may need to install a capability manager plugin to manage roles and capabilities.

    Re: ronaldb73:

    Yes, you’re right, logged in users only. Allowing entries for visitors makes it difficult to validate a visitor when returning to edit a prediction or view previous predictions. You effectively have to use the combination of name and email address etc to authenticate a user. WordPress already has all these features so why re-invent the wheel.

    A previous plugin I wrote for predicting Formula One race results had the option to allow prediction for visitors, but I found that the vast majority of installations did not use this feature.

    The few that did, caused headaches for the system Admin as people forgot their names/email addresses, and the admin had to manually correct/merge entries. It was also possible for someone determined to hijack someone elses entry. The was some security to prevent this, but certainly not as robust as the WP login system.

    ok, thanks for the explanation

    This is a fantastic plugin!

    Is there anyway you could make one for the Eurovision Song Contest? It has 39 countries taking part in total and I help run a Eurovision news website and something like this would be ideal.

    Thanks 🙂

    I think it’s unlikely I’ll do one specially for the ESC – it’s quite a bit of work 🙁

    You might be able to coax into doing what you want. Create one race and 39 drivers 🙂

    When a user is making his predictions, shouldn’t the round-of-16 stage populate with the teams based the user’s 1st round predictions, and the quarters with the previous stage’s predictions, and so on? So each user can pick through the whole thing in one sitting?
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Great work!

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean – but the members of the round of 16 teams are determined by the teams’ results in the group stages.

    Players predictions are based on the actual World Cup matches. It’s not meant to be a ‘fantasy’ type league where a players teams progress to the next stage.

    Hello Ian,

    I created a static page at my blog:

    At Firefox and Google Chrome the layout is OK.
    At Internet Explorer however, the fonts are bigger.

    Any ideas on what could creating this difference?

    Different browsers, different fonts. That’s something the theme could address, not really anything the plugin can deal with.


    I like the plugin, and I’d like to test it, if it gives the proper scores.
    To try it I entered a match result and checked the “match finished” box, but nothing happened, even the predictor who had the correct result got 0 points. Is it because the countdown didn’t reach the deadline? How could I change the deadline or test the scoring otherwise?



    you have to go to predictions and then under calculation mark the finished matches and click calculation.

    To edit the matches click the id number (is underlined) in the overview table.

    It is always a good idea to click the Help Button. 😉

    Re: Duke40

    Thanks a lot, I didn’t notice that part in the Help 🙂

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