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  • Strange issue here…

    I’ve a plugin which I’ve used for years, on various sites.

    Now, it’s working on some sites but not others.

    Example: set-up two new test installs… same TwentySeventeen theme and no mods, other plugins, etcetera. Works on one site, but not the other.

    And, it continues to work on my older site (which has a custom theme and heavily modified functions).

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  • Which plugin


    External Featured Image Plus (

    It’s been a good plugin, but is now throwing debug and other errors.

    I’d understand if it worked with TwentySeventeen but not my custom theme. And I can’t understand why with the same theme/plugin set-up one site will work but not another. (And they’re all on the same server.)

    I’ve this morning found and adapted alternate code (which enables me to add an image to posts/pages through the edit screen, without using the media library) and so I won’t spend a lot of time on this… but I’m curious, and hence posted.

    And, this’ll sound nuts… recently I’ve had various now-it-works now-it-doesn’t issues with various things – some of which are explicable, while others seemingly have no logical reason.

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