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  • This plugin works, but I discovered today that Quick Cache requires the permissions of wp-config.php to be set at 777. I found this out because I run some security tests and usually I run my set up prior to changing wp-config.php permissions. This time though I did it vice versa and Quick Cache said it need my wp-config.php to be set at 777.

    This is a security risk as the permissions 777 not only allow others on your server to read an important file but also permissions to change it. Being able to read it is just bad enough because wp-config.php contains your database name, database password and database user that your whole wordpress needs to run. says “All files should be 644 or 640. Exception: wp-config.php should be 600 to prevent other users on the server from reading it.”

    Read more half way down the page under “Shared Hosting…” @

    I won’t be using this plugin until an update is released because of the security issue.

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  • Great remark, exactly my point! Thanks!

    No problem @einstein1972, I thought this post got deleted. I tried posting it 3 times and never seen it post.

    Note: I had someone else tell me they don’t get this message when changing their wp.config.php permissions. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I got this permissions message, but I know it was from Quick Cache in red alert in the Quick Cache settings area.

    I got it while following my normal steps using the Ninja Security plugin from codecanyon.

    None the less this plugin was too old for me to discuss or test it out to see again. It just hasn’t been updated enough for me to use my time to test it.

    I finding if you just use the right plugins and build your site clean form the start, there isn’t much need for speed plugins. My websites load at least 44% faster other tested websites according to Pingdom and I haven’t done anything yet that Yahoo’s Yspeed suggest to do for better loading speed. Can’t wait till I get around to that portion 😉


    So, what happens if you use those permissions while you are configure it and then set them back as you prefer? I’ve tried this, and it appears to work. Of course, if anyone has any reasons this could be a problem, I’d like to hear about it.

    Hey SRH, if everything works fine you should be ok. Another member told me they didn’t have the problem I ran into, and I only noticed the permissions alert when I was running through the Security Ninja tests. I had used it before and never seen the permissions alert. So you can give a go, although I don’t recommend using a plugin that becoming so old and not updated. But it does work I’m sure. The biggest problem you may run into is it not being compatible with future plugins you may use, because it’s not updated. Other than that give it a go. If you need to really measure your website speed you can always check out

    I don’t use any caching plugins anymore because I moved to WPEngine for WordPress hosting and they don’t allow it, because their caching system is built in. If you are looking for great speed and you can check them out @

    Glad it worked for you just now seeing your raving 5 star review!


    Thanks for the reply.

    I recently rethemed and reconfigured my site and have been in the process of reactivating things, including Quick Cache. I’ve only noticed one anomaly that I haven’t seen before. The flush cache notification doesn’t seem to want to go away, so I’m checking with a non-logged in browser to see how soon it sees new content.

    I’ll monitor it and if I see a problem when the cache reaches its TTL, I’ll have to modify my review.

    I don’t like living in a world where plugins can’t get along. I’ll post how it goes. And yes, I’m a bit concerned that the plugin doesn’t seem to be supported, any longer.

    Oh, there is one other thing you can do to check your website speed. That is download “Yslow” for Google Chrome. It will let you test the website speed of any page and give you specific details on what can be improved to optimize your website’s speed performance.

    Sorry to hear about the problems you are having, especially if you can’t get rid of something.

    And I hear what you are saying about a world of conflicting plugins, ha! I hate it.

    I actually found before moving to a new host that just having the right plugins (through testing) and they don’t conflict actually let my website be faster than by using caching plugins.

    Best wishes, SRH! Hope it finals out smooth for you!

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