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  • The basic functionality of the plugin is pretty solid. It does what it says, and does it well. Creating your own template isn’t well documented, but someone with a decent knowledge of php and a good knowledge of CSS should be able to get by.

    The add-on Page plugin, however, was a disappointment. Even using stock 2012, it looks aweful, and my attempts to decipher the CSS to make it look reasonable keep making it worse.

    The response I received when I asked for clarification was “you must have added something to your .CSS that’s affecting it.”

    Sorry, a plugin installed on a fresh version of wordpress should work straight out of the box. It should not use bizarre fonts that hardly anyone has on their machine. It should NOT have floats that overlap each other. Furthermore, if the css for a plugin is so dependent on other seemingly non-related css elements then that’s poorly written CSS.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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