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  • I am very happy to have found this online today. I installed it, and yet it works. If you are testing this from the Admin profile…of course its going to appear like it does not work. You have to log-on as a standard limited user, to be able to see this plug-in actually block ANOTHER standard user.

    In the notes it states, that the site ADMIN(S) cannot be fully blocked.

    Am happy with this plugin. Just noticed however that as long as the admin is friends with the user…the admin remains as a listed friend on the user’s account. The admin will need to ‘un-friend’ the end user to remove himself from there, and then block him. But he can block him first and then un-friend him, much easier and less links to click on this way.

    The second thing, as the “You have been blocked” like page the end user ends up at. Facebook does not notify you that you have been blocked because as a result…people who have been blocked have retaliated against the blocker, in the news even burned their homes down, assaulted/attacked, etc… I would suggest changing this to something like: “It appears that the user you are trying to see no longer has an account.” (Absolutely love this Plugin; am just making a suggestion.)

    After I test blocked a dummy profile…The message “Blocked Profile…etc…” was too close to the button “Manage Blocked Users”. There needs to be more space between the two. If you could just move the button a bit more down, that would be great.

    Although groups might have their own blocking features…the person trying to block the other might not be a group administrator to be able to enable such feature. Pushing this option site wide…would be great.

    You have a great product here, cheers to you…I look forward to being a fan..and would be happy to test and provide feedback for you in future releases to come.

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