• I purchased this item on Codecanyon with support. This item works fine if you are displaying ALL product categories of your store, such as using the default shop page. However, If you are displaying a product category archive, the filter for that page will show ALL of the categories that exist, not just the categories in the product category archive. That makes this plugin unusable for all but a full product listing.

    On the Codecanyon comments for this plugin, over a year ago this issue was raised, and the author advised it would be added in the next release. Now, the author advises it is in the works and will be available in a future release, but no timeline given.

    Additionally, as far as I can tell, the filter options (checkboxes etc) are displayed on the left side of the products only, with no option to have it display on the right. The Add to Cart buttons are also styled in a way that I did not prefer (large black buttons), and no easy way as far as I can tell to change them without coding.

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  • I agree

    If you cant chose the filter options, then in most use cases it is not usable.

    Example you have a children selection and a adult selection.

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