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  • I have just upgraded to the 2.3.1 wordtube plugin and now I can not get it to work at all. Before I updated the plugin it worked fine. I followed the instructions as listed on the site but I still keep getting the message: The Flash player is not detected. Please recheck if you uploaded it and verify the path in the wordTube settings.

    If anyone knows a fix let me know . Thanks.

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  • Found it! I now managed to actually change the address in the optionspanel and cut off the first part (//home… etc). It works now.

    Ok, I will update the description. Indeed it should only the relative path

    Please tell us how u “managed to actually change the address in the options panel”… Since many of us we’re not able to change it!

    Thanx for your great work on the plugin. I don’t mind this first bug at all 🙂 Keep it up!

    This is the path to my settings page:

    This is the path to player:

    And it says this in the options panel:

    Path to the Jw Player: wp-content/uploads/player.swf

    This is the path to uploaded content files:

    [video src="" /]

    I put foo.flv file in the main upload directory, still nothing.

    Path to JW Media Player: /wp-content/uploads/player.swf Fixed it!

    Not for me.

    @alex…by the way, the player is playing the files uploaded in the files panel.

    It’s the main player that still has the X over the play icon.

    I can’t get that to work.

    Changing the path didn’t do the trick for me, but by inspecting the source of the page, I noticed that the swfobject.embedSWF was pointing to the wordtube plugin directory

    I dropped the player in wp-content/plugins/wordtube and it works beautifully (player v.5 licensed)

    I uninstalled the plugin, which dropped all the tables and reinstalled. Now uploading all files again. I have player.swf in both the uploads folder and wordtube folder.

    My single player is working, but my playlist player is not.

    Very frustrating.


    @atreba If you dropped the player in the plugin folder it will be ereased during the next upgrade.

    Yes, I’m aware of that. But I couldn’t take the downtime and just did that as a temporary measure.

    Thanks for the reminder, though =)


    What have you setup In your general settings for :
    WordPress address (URL) & Blog address (URL)

    As I can see from your links yu have placed wordpress in the subfolder :

    , so I maybe take the wrong URL (I used siteurl and not home)

    Yes, I have put WordPress in a sub folder and moved the index.php file to the main directory.

    This is recommended, so you don’t mix all your WordPress files with other files in the main directory.

    Many people are doing this now.

    I cannot change the path. Can you tell me how to change it until the next upgrade?

    Can you direct the plugin to use blogpath OR sitepath somehow?

    Hi all, this is what worked for me:

    In firefox I use an add-in named firebug. When you install it you get the opportunity to look at the coding of the page you see in Firefox.

    There you can easily find the line that points to your wordtube-player. Here I saw that the link was not correct.

    Apparantly the settings are different for everybody, so I suggest that you look in your own file to see wordtube is looking for the player.

    When I first tried to change the address I did not change the prefix (something like //home…/ in my case), but I only tried to change the last part of the address. That did not work.

    So I suggest:
    – first see if you can strip the first part of the path in the settings and just keep this: /wp-content/plugins/wordtube/player.swf

    – If that does not work, then check with firebug what your wordtube is trying to do…

    Hope this explanation helps!


    Hey Alex,

    A simple explanation of what is happening to everyone.

    This path when upgrading problem exists for everyone who does NOT run wordpress in the root directory.

    I run wordpress in

    So the upgraded plugin can’t find the player.swf and does not let me manually change the admin page to put in my full url to the JW PLayer.


    Any ideas on how to fix this? Why no matter what I enter via the wordtube settings ‘Path to JW Media Player’ field it changes straight back to ‘/player.swf’?

    Quick fix – drop Player.swf and yt.swf files into your wordpress installations root directory and all will work fine.

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