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  • I have just upgraded to the 2.3.1 wordtube plugin and now I can not get it to work at all. Before I updated the plugin it worked fine. I followed the instructions as listed on the site but I still keep getting the message: The Flash player is not detected. Please recheck if you uploaded it and verify the path in the wordTube settings.

    If anyone knows a fix let me know . Thanks.

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  • What path do you setup in the settings ?

    The instructions just said to put the yt.swf and player.swf file into the wordpress upload folder. Is there something I have to edit in one of the plugins .php files? the files are in the default dir: wp-content/uploads/

    Same Problem here too.

    But the error is only shown at the media list under wordtube, where the video files are listed.

    Also I’ve tried to change the path where the player.swf is located but wordtube won’t let me do that and goes back to standard wp-content/uploads folder.

    But if I rename the player.swf in the wp-content/uploads folder I’ve got also an errormessage at the configuration page from wordtube, so i do not know what ist causing this errormessage at the media list.

    The path should be wp-content/uploads/player.swf , please verify this setting


    I’m having the same issue.

    Please see Player is in center of page. I have playlist id=1 and all my files assigned to that id.

    My path is set correctly. My swfs are in the wp-content/uploads/… folder.

    In the media center, I can play each individual file, but the player is not working on the home page.

    We have a major Hip-Hop Museum event tomorrow night and people are looking at this page right now. Very frustrating. Happened after upgrade.

    `here is my directory listing setup directory picture



    Was the folder, where the player.swf and the yt.swf is located, but then occures the error message in mediathek/wordtube, but in the configuration I’ve got no errormessage, so i think the path will be right.

    So I’ve tried to get the player to another location, but i can’t change the folder path in the wordtube configuration.

    So I’ve done a rollback and put the previous version into my wp, now it’s working fine with the new player.swf in the plugin folder.

    Hope the path problem can be fixed, so i can upgrade to the new version.

    i noticed this in the 2.3.0 release when i upgraded 2.2.2 on 3 of my wordpress sites. the media players would not load. couldn’t change the folder directories either. thought it was an isolated bug on my theme since all 3 sites were based on the same framework.

    rolled-back to 2.2.2 with no problems. for the record, JWP v5.1 works on wordtube 2.2.2. i know cos’ i had uploaded the new player.swf a day before 2.3.0 was released. working JWP 5.1 on wordtube 2.2.2:

    i saw the prompts on my wordpress dashboard for 2.3.1 today. glad i checked the forums before upgrading. hopefully, this bug gets sorted out soon. wordtube is a great plugin. from what i noticed, the new UI has some improvements over 2.2.2.

    I’m sure Alex must be working on this, but the downtime is killing me. I wish I would have kept the last version. Anyone want to send me the file? I’d appreciate it. We’re supposed to have our video online today for a huge event tomorrow and now I’m screwed.

    A function inside the settings page will always check for the player at several places, it also moves the player.swf to the upload folder (if possible). If this is not working at your side, two questions :

    1.What path is set when you call the settings page ?
    2.Have you a changed directory sturcture, compared to the classic wp-content/uploads ?

    BTW : here are all versions of wordtube

    Thanks! I’ll roll back to the previous version and wait untill this is solved.

    eeehm, I rolled back to previous version, but now the same problem occurs!!! Please help, hope this is solved soon.

    1.What path is set when you call the settings page ?
    Erm, you mean this?

    2.Have you a changed directory sturcture, compared to the classic wp-content/uploads ?

    This ist the location at my webspace ^^

    I think it’s the classic folder structure, or not?

    Have you tried to put the player.swf and the yt.swf in the WordTube pluginfolder (e.g. /wp-content/plugins/wordtube)?

    @marcus_p Thanks for the tip! I have tried it but it makes no difference…

    @alex & Marcus_P: I have inspected the page and I see that the address of the player is not set right. It says:

    You see? The address of the player is not put together properly…. How does this happen and where can I change this sincs I cannot change the address in the options panel. Hope this is a step to the solution.


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