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  • Tevya


    Hi, I just wondered if WordTube works with JW Player 5? I didn’t want to go throw the files in the folder, and have it break everything.

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    Same question here. On the longtail-site, version 5.0 is still greyed out. You might have to wait.

    I’m just updating it in the few days

    thnk god



    I noticed that the watermark feature doesn’t work in JW Player 5, but it does in earlier versions. Will this be part of the added support during the next release?



    Wondering about the status of the v5 update?


    Hey yeah, alex, I mean you must be buried with work, but we would really like to know when it’s ready?

    Gruss und herzlichen Dank for all the great work.

    (Und falls du mal hilfe brauchst, sag Bescheid. Bin kein Programmierer, aber immer gerne bereit zu testen oder anderweitige Kleinarbeit zu ├╝bernehmen.)

    I’m having trouble with JW Player5 – it does not show thumbnails for any video…

    Any status on an update to support v5?

    Looking forward to the V5 of the player working with wordtube, keep up the great work!

    Sorry I’ve worked on a other task. Mainly the plugin support already V5, you just need to exchange the player file

    Wordtube is one of the best plugins there are, and I’m very grateful for it.

    I looked to updating it a few hours ago ( WP 2.9.2 Wordtube 2.2.2 ) and downloaded JW Player 5.1, renamed player-viral.swf to player.swf to get it working and swapped out the old file for the new. I was surprised the new file was 85kib instead of 42kib, but it worked fine with my old videos.

    Sadly however, there’s a bug or something, which I couldn’t find in any setting: when paused the old version merely showed a triangle-pause button; the new version had a hideous black & white script with various options for sharing, emailing etc. and this just covers the video screen until continued, without any possibility of getting rid of it.

    Not everyone wants to continue a boring video, on the other hand they don’t want to look at that rubbish either. There isn’t the faintest point in my offering sharing etc. anyway, though some may chose to.

    I changed back to the previous player.swf and all was working well again. So I wouldn’t recommend upgrading: I’m not even sure if there are any benefits to upgrading since wordtube works so well…

    desperately hoping this is the reason I can’t get the videos to play. the gallery only scrolls through and won;t play any videos.

    I’ve released now V2.3.0 which include (the last time) V5.1, let me know if it works for you

    Alex, does this support the new XML skins?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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