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  • Hi!
    I use the V2.00 (from 27.09.2008) of Wordtube.
    My videos are 600X600. I setted up the default size in MediaPlayer Support. Its work for the size of previewed video but in post [media id =1] is showing with the size: 320×240 !!
    Please help.

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  • so you changed that in the settings , but it show up as 320×240 ?

    the same happened to me too :I

    wp 2.6.1.
    wordtube 2.0.0

    I also set the size to my custom size, but the video on the page is 320 x 240… ???

    did you get the correct size when you added : [media id=x width=430 height=350] ?

    I put that into the code, but then the whole video disappears, and this text is instead of the video:
    [MEDIA=2 width=505 height=379]

    I set this size in settings/wordTube/mediaplayer, and no change… the video is still in default size.

    Hi Alex!
    The syntax [media id=x width=430 height=350] is working for me. Thanks!
    But for what is the default size setting, if it can be done manualy? 🙂

    I must review the code, there are some backward compatibility to [MEDIA=x], but it seems to be not working correct.

    The default value will be used when you open the TinyMCE button window

    [media id=2 width=505 height=379] solved the problem for me too… so instead of MEDIA=x, media id=x should be used, and no problem, thanks 🙂

    This answer helped me too. Thanks all!

    I had the same problem. Thanks for the help now it works fine.

    I’m having this problem with setting the width and height.
    Strangely, the width is fine but it won’t change the height.
    I’m using [media id=1 width=512 height=288]

    You can see the results at:

    What I did notice when I looked at the source code generated is that the source code contains both 288 and 240

    I have posted the offending line of code below:

    swfobject.embedSWF(“”, “WT1_1”, “512 height=288”, “240”, “9.0.0”, false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr );
    Any ideas?

    Another thing I have discovered. You can set the height if you enter it first. Which ever comes first works.

    If you use this tag:
    [media id=1 height=288 width=512]

    Then it generates this HTML:

    swfobject.embedSWF(“”, “WT1_1”, “320”, “288 width=512”, “9.0.0”, false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr );

    Default size do not work, but the solution is write manually the code to
    insert the media, see this example;

    Before [media=121]

    Now [media id=121 width=500 height=420]

    How we can fix this problem to use the default size as before?

    I see this problem with the 2.2.1 version, not before, but i back to reinstall the 2.2.0 version and still the problem.

    Sorry by my poor english.

    I mod wordtube/lib/wordtube.class.php
    $this->swfobject = new swfobject( WORDTUBE_URLPATH . $this->player, ‘WT’.$this->counter, $width, $height, ‘9.0.0’, ‘false’);
    $this->swfobject = new swfobject( WORDTUBE_URLPATH . $this->player, ‘WT’.$this->counter, ‘520’, ‘360’, ‘9.0.0’, ‘false’);

    And now [media id=121] word :>

    The height/width is written into the database on every upload through add media=>wordtube. That seems to cause this behaviour.

    Fixed it for me by changing/hacking the following code in file

    line 83-84:

    $act_width = 0; // change from 320 to 0
    $act_height = 0; // change from 240 to 0

    line 93-94: (add doubleslashes to those lines or delete them)

    //	if ($act_height < 20 ) $act_height = 20 ;
    //	if ($act_width == 0 ) $act_width = 320 ;

    Then the default values set in the options menu will be taken.

    Strange why this problem is still in the code.

    Be aware that I did not test properly therefore I am sure there will be side-effects with other filetypes or whatever. But for .flv movies this works in the normal player.

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