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  • Hi
    I am using wordtube on a new wordpress 2.71 installation.
    Previously i have used it and had no problems with .flv files (mp4’s renamed in fact)
    However with the new installation, i have a large number of .swf files which i would like to play.

    The swf files do not play properly, when you click play, the audio starts, and the image is just a still, with the countdown over the top. the video never starts to play. When i press ‘stop’ the audio doesn’t stop.

    I have tried with a few swfs, but get the same results.
    the swf files played directly in the browser play with no problems.

    Does anyone know what is causing this? Is it something to do with the swf files? or just wordtube/JW player?


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  • I found this information on the JW player website:

    Though SWF files also load in the player, it is discouraged to use them. The player cannot read the duration and dimensions of SWF files and cannot control its volume or playback.

    SO although wordtube lists swfs as playing using wordtube, it seems they don’t work properly!

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