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  • Wordsocial Facebook connect appears to be broken, it has unlinked itself from all the websites it’s installed on

    I use the plugin on about 10 different websites and the error displays on all of them when I try to re-connect the Facebook account.

    It redirects to my facebook page and I get “An error occurred with WordSocial. Please try again later.”

    Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve also de-activated and re-activated the plugin to no avail.


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  • Same for me. Cant connect to FB. Tried every browsers. Twitter do work, tough !

    Any clue !


    Our websites can not connect to Facebook, too.


    Same problem here —also, on our FB page, a number of old posts were dropped by FB.

    This is the error message in the WordPress control panel:
    WordSocial Information

    2012-05-02 11:04:59 – An error appeared with Facebook (Reason :

    My guess — Looks like FB just crashed!!!!

    This a post from Tommy the creator of the plugin, i think he shutdown the plugin.

    Hello everyone,

    I don’t have enough time to support the plugin anymore, and as you see, there are still a lot of bugs in it and prevent a lot of users to use the plugin.

    Does someone wants to help by developping and debugging the plugin ?

    If nobody can help, I’m afraid I’ll be forced to shutdown the plugin :s


    I’ve lost all our posts that were published by Wordsocial to FB…how can that happen?

    Tried various versions of the plugin to try and connect to FB and nothing works. I either get a Wordsocial error on FB or it just goes to

    This is brutal.

    Plugin Author Tommy


    Facebook removed the application and I don’t know why. So that’s the reason why you don’t see your post anymore. They will come back on your wall when the app is live again.

    But I don’t know when, because I received 0 explanation from Facebook.

    now the plugin is gone from wordpress?

    Is there an alternative to this app?

    external service seems to do a good job with FB twitter and Linkedin

    it’s a pity – I was still trying, but this was by far the easiest and best plugin I saw on WP

    alternatives are “simple Facebook connect”, “simple Twitter connect” and “Simple Google Connect” (same author – very powerful tools – you need to create your own apps but it’s not big deal)

    another one is “sharepress”

    If anyone has more to recommend, be welcom.

    Tommy, if you ever read this, I would just like to say you were doing great, and I would have loved to “pay you a beer” at the end of my testing!

    Ref. the problem with FB which probably triggered the shutdown, couldn’it have been connected to publishing “privacy policies” and “terms of services”. I can’t see your app anymore, but I’ve seen FB getting stricter on this.

    I agree with Flavio above ^^^, Tommy was doing a fantastic job.

    This was the best/easiest to use connect plugin out there.
    Would love to see it become a paid plugin, but as noted, the T&C issue may be too hard to overcome.

    With WordSocial no longer active I found SharePress from FatPanda to do exactly what WordSocial did and with a few extras in the pro version including scheduling of posts to your facebook page and lots more.

    Pictogram, is an excellent alternative. I started using it yesterday.

    Check out the plugin Wordbooker. I also tried Add Link to Facebook which was excellent but didn’t work with our older version of WordPress and Facebook Page Publish which also seems to have problems with connecting to Facebook now.

    FB really seemed to screw a lot of things up. RSS Grafitti I have also used but it not longer shows the posts photo.

    I hate Facebook but its a necessary evil 😉 Seems to be free unlimited connections, many networks available and quite a lot configurable options. And most of all, works perfectly.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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