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  • help me… i just put in the stats program – entered my api and then when i go to use i keep getting

    You are not a member of this blog.

    If you have just installed the Automattic Stats plugin, this error probably appeared because the API key entered in the plugin belongs to a different user account.

    * Have the owner of the API key visit this page and add you to the blog, or
    * Get your API key here, then deactivate and activating the plugin and enter your key to add your account to the access list for this blog.

    I have tried everything – including new api’s – registering myself 5 different ways – i have several blogs are they screwing each other up?

    help me – any suggestions
    paul Sterling

    Have you tired adding your email address to grant access? It should says user already have access.


    I just shifted my blog to my own domain and cannot get this plugin to work??? i enter the API of m previous blog which i have deleted and added the new space to but it shows a flatline?

    Someone please help? What is the best stats plugin anyways?

    I have the same problemas Deadpanthoughts here above. The API I use is from a deleted blog. I registered for a new blog and contacted support. But contacting support doesn’t help. They don’t get back in thouch with me.
    How can I get this statts plugin going?
    Please someone give me a decent answer that works… Do the people of Support read the forums?

    I get the exact same error message. I am really frustrated, while the stats works perfectly on my Online Fashion blog at, it failed to work on my Phone blog.

    Anyone has got a solution here?

    I think the server doesn’t have any problem connecting to Akismet though because it can get the Account name from the api key.



    same as deadpanthoughts

    Just like “Blogger333” … no luck with getting “Stats” to work …. are we the few who can’t get this plugin to work … or merely the few who complain?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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