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  • This plugin has been working fine for months, now as of the past few days it’s stopped tracking previous days referrers. What I mean is…

    For September 18, everything was working fine and it shows me all of that days referrers.

    All through out September 19, it was working fine as well, I could see the referring urls appear in real time as always. However, as soon as the date changed to September 20, it no longer showed the previous days referreres (for the 19th). Where those should be listed it just says “None”.

    The same exact thing happened on the 20th. I could see all of the traffic as it was showing up, but then as soon as the date changed, the records for the 20th just go empty and show “None”.

    My site was up with no issues on my server, and I normally get a steady stream of traffic (I could see people visiting on the stats, but as soon as the day was over, they’re gone).

    Like I said this all started on the 18th. I can still see all the previous days referrers, but everything since the 18th is gone, disappearing as soon as the date changes. I have not made any changes to my website that would have caused this. Is anyone else having this issue? How do I fix it? Not having those records makes this very useful plugin kind of useless for me 🙁

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  • yes all data i back BUT the stats didnt work for some hours till about 11-12 Swedish time this morning and the data for those 2-4 hours is gone. just wanted to let you know 🙂

    I’ve got a user who’s stats are reporting no hits beginning yesterday (9/22) until now (9/23). Anyone else having the same problem? Is everything down again? It says it’s working, but no stats are showing.



    working fine for me

    does anyone know why the stats doesnt count the visitors in the mornings? the stats stop working from 7am to 11am Swedish time.
    this happend both this morning and two days ago (the morning)

    Thank god I thought it was just me.

    Well…sorry its happening to others too…but that means they can fix it!

    It stopped for me 9/20 and still doesn’t work. All fields are blank.

    I live in New Jersey in the US. Don’t know if location will help.

    Weird. It’s been working fine for me since the author made the fix 2 days ago.

    Not for me :(.

    Maybe contact the author through his website. That’s what I did to originally alert him to the problem and then he fixed it. He might not be subscribed to this post. He’s at

    it has been recording 0 for me for the past few days, idk why though! its really bothering me

    I have a similar problem. Since September 23 the stats of my blog (which is self hosted) is showing no traffic though Google Analytics which has been implemented on my website is showing visitors (18 and 31) visitors for September 23 and 24th.

    If more information is needed please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    No stats at all still for me since the 19th. Thanks for all the hard work I know ya’ll are doing!!
    site in question

    I am using a self hosted wordpress blog. Recently I changed my web hosts and completely redesigned my blog as well. Since then the tracking stopped and WP-stats showed zero visitors. Since 19th to be precise.

    I reinstalled the plugin and it asked me to re-enter the key as well as ask me to replace the stats of my old website (which is the same) so I did. Even then the tracking didn’t resume. Checking through the old header.php file, I noticed the following line which I had forgotten to copy into the new design’s header.php file.

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress <?php bloginfo('version'); ?>" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->

    I thought this should solve the problem but even now the plugin is not working. I didn’t realize the problem is on the server side. When will this be corrected? I miss looking at the stats! 🙂

    If you guys follow the link I posted above, the author will mostly likely be happy to help you. When this plugin broke the other day he didn’t know until I contacted him about it, then he fixed it right away.

    It’s been working fine for me since then. He’s probably not subscribed to this post or he would have replied to you by now. Contact him… he wants to know if there’s something wrong with his plugin and the only way he’s going to come around and fix it is if you let him know something is wrong.

    Yup, now it’s back to being wonky for me as well, data is coming in but the numbers are all way off. I have emailed the author again to see if he can come to the rescue!

    anathema23, I don’t think the problem is from the server side as my other website is being tracked as usual. But the problem that I mentioned previously is still not over and it still shows zero stats.

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