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  • This plugin has been working fine for months, now as of the past few days it’s stopped tracking previous days referrers. What I mean is…

    For September 18, everything was working fine and it shows me all of that days referrers.

    All through out September 19, it was working fine as well, I could see the referring urls appear in real time as always. However, as soon as the date changed to September 20, it no longer showed the previous days referreres (for the 19th). Where those should be listed it just says “None”.

    The same exact thing happened on the 20th. I could see all of the traffic as it was showing up, but then as soon as the date changed, the records for the 20th just go empty and show “None”.

    My site was up with no issues on my server, and I normally get a steady stream of traffic (I could see people visiting on the stats, but as soon as the day was over, they’re gone).

    Like I said this all started on the 18th. I can still see all the previous days referrers, but everything since the 18th is gone, disappearing as soon as the date changes. I have not made any changes to my website that would have caused this. Is anyone else having this issue? How do I fix it? Not having those records makes this very useful plugin kind of useless for me 🙁

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  • You’re not alone… I can confirm the exact same problem with all of my wordpress blogs that use the plugin. Is the wordpress team working on a fix?

    Here are screenshots of what I mean:

    Stats 1
    Stats 2

    You can see that it’s showing todays incoming referrers, but as soon as today becomes yesterday, that information disappers and it just displays “none”.

    superann, oh good so it’s not just me! Did this just start happening for you on the 18th as well?

    I have the same problem, my wordpress dashboard deletes older stats. I keep “top articles and pages” but the information under referrer, klicks and search items are deleted after one day.

    I have the problem since the 19th of september. I could see the stats for that day as long as their “actual”, so yesterday i could see the dates for the 20th, but now that its the 21th they are gone or at least not visible to me anymore. The total stats on “top articles and pages” and the views on the stats graph are still there.

    I am using WordPress 2.3.3 and WordPress Stats 1.3.2

    i have the same problem. any fix?

    Well it looks like we’ve all got the same problem, so it seems the issue is not on our end. Very frustrating to see it tell me “The Stats Plugin is configured and working” when it’s clearly stopped working correctly and dumping all of my data.

    I’ll try to contact the author to see if he’ll come by and help us… don’t know what else to do since all of that information is stored on someone else’s server and not mine. Does anyone know of an alternate plugin with similar features that work in the meantime?

    We’re working the the problem.

    I found and resolved the conflict that caused your referrers, searchterms, and clicks to be lost for September 19-20. September 21 will not be lost. I don’t yet know if we will be able to recover the lost days, but we will try. I regret the loss, especially knowing that it was my fault.

    Excellent! Glad I got in touch with you 🙂

    Thanks so much for the fix!

    Good news: we’re going to be able to recover the data. It should be online within a few hours.

    That’s even better news!

    Yipee… all the missing data is back for me! Thanks again!

    Unlike anathema23, the missing data is not back for me. Do we know if it will be rolling out by x-time or is it going to be hit or miss?

    Also: thank you for noticing this, working on it and resolving it. I thought I broke something on my end (as per usual).

    Data is being copied now. It should be complete in less than an hour.

    It’s all back now.

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