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  • I’m running a site with a blog at:

    I installed both this plugin and the stats helper, but the stats don’t seem to be showing up. I checked the FAQ and I suppose my problem is explained there already.

    What if the stats don’t start showing up? Do I need anything special in my theme?

    Yes, your theme must have a call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> at the very bottom right before the </body> tag.

    Problem is, I have no idea where to start looking in my theme. At the very bottom of which file? With the little knowledge I have of these things, having my theme “make a call” to what-have-you does not get me much closer to a solution.

    Will greatly appreciate any pointers.

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  • Look at your theme, find where it creates the </body> tag. many times, it’s called something like footer.php.

    Be sure there’s a call to wp_footer() in there.

    Mine looks something like this:

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>
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