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    I too had the stats page suddenly blocked, as others are reporting. Today when I logged in everything was fine – until I looked at some of the stats it’s reporting.

    The data is showing hundreds of pageviews and link clicks for YESTERDAY, for a post that didn’t get published until today at noon.

    Just how valid are any of these stats now??

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  • Getting the same invalid stats. The information on the stats page doesn’t match the graph, dates where I know I had a certain number of views now show a different amount. My graph shows 24 views for today, but the stats below show them all as yesterday.

    Hopefully they’ll get this sorted soon.

    I have the same problem folks…..

    I’ve had it for the last two days…
    I called up my hosting company thinking something was wrong….
    It wasn’t them….
    It’s the plug-in…

    I’m now checking my stats on the WP.Com stats display that came with the 3.1 upgrade…Thank goodness for that….

    I like the plug-in…
    But right now it’s usless…..

    You can find the WP.Com stats link on the Dashboard…..

    Unfortunately my site is self-hosted. And things are still wonky this morning. The Chart shows 1,300 total page views, the list shows the home page alone has had 2,300. Eh??

    Ok….My bad….

    If you’re self hosted get the WP-Stats Plugin..It works it from Automatic/Wordpress….

    Ah, just to let everyone know…

    The WP-Stats Plugin now doesn’t give the name of the post..
    just it’s number and …..Hold on….

    He, he, he….Ok…check that….The names are back..and a drop in 300 numbers …..

    Lets see….Obviuously in 3.1….yourself hosted site now talks to….You can switch between your self hosted and .com dashboard…
    Which means that whatever is screwing up the non-WP states plugin is also messing with the WP one…..
    I hope someone from wordpress looks at this forum..because something makes me think this a 3.1 bug running around….

    I don’t know if it is a 3.1 bug or not, but I have been running 3.1 since it came out and the stats didn’t start getting screwed up until this past week. I was blocked from viewing them for most of a day and when they came back, everything was messed up. It seems to be switching days in the middle of the afternoon, instead of at midnight.

    That’s exactly what I experienced. It actually lagged a day because it reported Thursday stats from something I posted at noon (East coast) Friday. Very confusing indeed!

    Ok…thanks people….I’ll go along with that….

    anyways if you don’t have the wp-stats plugin you might want to upload it…I trust those stats..even if they are also a little screwy with the post names…

    the weird thing is the breakdowns come and go…..???

    Wow, things are totally screwed up now, here’s the message I get when I try to log in to my dashboard: “We’re experiencing some problems on and we are in read-only mode at the moment. We’re working hard on restoring full service as soon as possible, but you won’t be able to create or make changes to your site currently. “

    There’s no access to the dashboard at all.

    Seriously? I feel sorry for them, I’d be in total panic by now! is currently experiencing system-wide issues that are impacting on some Jetpack users. They are working on fixing them, so all should be resolved asap.

    I never down loaded jetpack…I already have several of the plugins it has in it……

    My self-hosted site has numbers for tomorrow…..

    Has some hacked WordPress?
    Or is this a 3.1 gremlin?

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    No hacks, just bit of a systems issue. Things should iron themselves out momentarily.

    If you still experience time-realted issues tomorrow, try setting your blog to a different timezone in the Settings section of your Dashboard, then set it back.

    ah…..Help is maybe on the way?

    James( I like your name)….. does this have anything to do with 3.1?

    Ok……James the Tech Wiz knows his onions!

    The time reset thing works!

    I guess that’s where the problem is…..

    Thanks Sir!

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