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  • This often happens because the Flash file was not properly uploaded. Please download the plugin and copy the files to you server.

    I just installed stats this morning and it’s picking up the data fine but the graph won’t display. Updated WP to 2.9.1 and flash player 10 (again) just in case – still won’t display. Thoughts? Thnks

    I did the manual upload, same problem. However the graph works fine from my other sites, just not this one.

    Same problem. Blog hosted by my own server. Updated to WP 2.9.1 and stats 1.6.1. Now no stats graphs will display. The data is there.
    Reinstalled WordPress stats 1.6.1 plugin. Still does not display graphs.
    Used both Firefox 3.5.7 (with Adobe flash player 10) and IE 8 (with Adobe flash player 9) and neither display stats graph.
    Searched forums and found several reports of similar behavior but no fix suggested worked for me.

    I can see my blog stats (including graphs) by logging in to

    It seems this problem has been floating around for over six months so I assume there must be a fix…I just cannot seem to find it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    I have seen this problem caused by failures to serve the flash file at wp-content/plugins/stats/open-flash-chart.swf. Try loading that in your browser. If it doesn’t load, either the file
    isn’t installed properly or your server is configured not to serve it.

    Thanks andy!

    It was a problem with my server. My apache httpd server ver. 2.2.9 does not like the .htaccess file included in the new version of stats. I removed that file and it works fine now!

    I did notice the .htaccess file was in the new update but then did not try removing it to fix things….I tried almost everything else.

    Perhaps this will help others that are having this problem.

    rollinsr: I’m glad to hear you fixed the problem but unsettled by the new mystery of what’s wrong with the .htaccess file. I haven’t run into that problem myself. If you have the time and inclination to find out why Apache doesn’t like it, I’d be very grateful to know.

    I have the same issue since upgrade – no graphs, but lists are fine. It also haThere is a server dimension:
    – Firefox/home PC/ADSL network – no graphs
    – IE7 laptop/home ADSL – no graphs
    – IE7 (same)laptop/company network – no graphs on dashboard but graphs on ststs page… (!!)

    All were replete with graphs before last update.

    andy: There is nothing wrong with the .htaccess file. Rather, it is that some server admin (such as myself on my own server) have very tight security on the httpd server (apache) which provides public access to directories on the server.

    In order for apache to read .htaccess files in a given directory, that directory must have the AllowOverride directive enabled. This sort of issue is discussed here (under “Fixing Other Issues”) in connection with using WordPress permalinks.

    The AllowOverride directive is set in the httpd.conf configuration file for the apache httpd.
    I had used the restrictive:AllowOverride FileInfo to allow WordPress to use a .htaccess file to format permalinks for my blog, but that is not sufficiently permissive to allow the Allow from All directive that is in the .htaccess file included in stats 1.6.1 update. Hence apache stopped upon reading the .htaccess file and did not even try to open the .swf file. I could fix this without getting access to the httpd configuration file by simply removing the .htaccess file from the stats plugin directory. (The Allow from All directive was already set for my blog directory anyway in the httpd.conf file).

    To make sure that this explanation is correct, I went into the httpd.conf file and opened up the blog directory to any .htaccess file by replacing AllowOverride FileInfo with AllowOverride All and restarted the httpd server. Now my blog displays the stats with graphs using the original update 1.6.1 (with the .htaccess file) as distributed. This “fix” would not be available to the general user without admin privileges for the httpd server. I left my server set up this way so that the next update should work with no trouble.

    Sorry about the length of my response, but I wanted to be as clear as possible.

    Thank you for the verbose response. When I added the .htaccess I did not know that Apache could be configured such that my directive would cause the file to become inaccessible. Do you know a way to rewrite the Stats .htaccess file to avoid this conflict?

    For context: I added the .htaccess file in response to a user whose charts would not appear because his wp-content directory included a .htaccess file forbidding access to all files.

    andy: As I understand things, Apache will not read .htaccess files in a directory unless some AllowOverride directive is enabled for that directory. I tried the following AllowOverride settings for my blog directory with the results noted:

    AllowOverride None
    Your stats plugin works fine. [I guess this is because Apache does not even look for .htaccess files at all, so your .htaccess file is simply ignored. (Most WordPress servers would not be set this way because fancy permalinks probably would not work.)]

    AllowOverride FileInfo (so WordPress permalinks work)
    Your stats plugin does NOT work UNLESS I remove the .htaccess file. [I guess this is because Apache now reads the file and finds the Allow statement is not allowed to be overridden and reports an error AND apparently denies all access to *.swf files in the stats directory.]

    AllowOverride FileInfo Limit
    AllowOverride All
    Your stats plugin works fine in either case.

    I believe one of the latter Apache server configurations is NECESSARY in order for your stats plugin to work as is. I don’t think it is possible to fix this from within the .htaccess file itself. What you need is a conditional statement to check the AllowOverride directive status before the Allow statement and I don’t think such conditional statements exist.

    Of course, your .htaccess worked to override the users .htaccess file in the directory above because the Apache configuration had to have been set as indicated above or his .htaccess file would not have worked. But your fix broke it for others because of the (strange) way Apache behaves when it finds an unallowed statement in a .htaccess file.

    Deleted that htaccess file, works fine , thanks a lot!


    I installed a stats plug-in a few days ago. I am receiving statistics, referrals and stuff like that, but my stats chart is completely blank.

    How do I get it working so I can see the line graphs?

    My stats plugin info: Stats
    WordPress Version 2.9.1 | Version 1.6.1 | By Andy Skelton

    Also, I noticed Andy mentioned checking out this file:

    I am confused. The installation instructions say to upload only “stats.php” to the appropriate directory. Are we supposed to upload that entire folder or just that one php file??? (

    Thank you

    Yep, that was it.

    Andy, I notice on your product page that 40 people say this plugin works and 28 say it’s broken. I am willing to bet that many people assume it’s broken because of the confusing installation instructions and they never bother take a second look at it. I would recommend revising the instructions for installing this plugin.

    Otherwise this seems like a good feature.


    peppies: thanks for spotting that! I’ve uploaded new instructions. They will show up there soon.

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