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  • pnaw10


    I’d like to know why Stats sometimes shows the wrong titles on the list of “Top Posts” for the day?

    For example, some posts are displayed with a default title like "Draft created on July 8, 2008 at 1:20 am.”

    In one case, I had a “working title” for a post before it was published. I saved it as a draft, came back a few hours later, and changed the title before publishing the article. but WP Stats lists it under the OLD title.

    For both cases, the common theme is that Stats is showing titles that existed before the articles were even published. How does Stats get a hold of these “original” titles, when they were changed before the articles went public?

    Making this even more confusing — depending on which page I’m looking at (today, 7 day, etc.) sometimes Stats actually shows the correct title… but one click to a different page, and it goes back to showing the wrong titles.

    I haven’t been able to determine exactly what causes the “wrong” titles to show up… it just seems to happen at random.

    Other than this minor annoyance (sometimes I have to click the link to figure out which “Draft” is being referenced), Stats is great. It’s doing a much better job of tracking my traffic than FeedBurner. I wish it would also show me how many people just visit the homepage… might be helpful to know how many just view it and leave, or to figure out if people are hitting certain pages directly without going through the homepage.

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