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  • This morning i went to visit my dashboard for and in the area my wordpress stats usually lives, was a wordpress login for both are sites that i have tied to my API key. So i visited and the same thing was happening there. I tried entering my login information in the extra box but i found myself caught in a login loop. this seams to be happening to all of my sites using wp stats. have i done something wrong? no updates have been preformed between last night and this morning. everything was fine when i went to bed.

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  • It’s something on WordPress’s end, unfortunately. There are a lot of complaints about the endless login loop this morning.

    Yep, logged in to find a login form where my stats used to be. Doh!

    Are they still getting that information from visitors or will we have to go to Google Analytics to find out what people did on my blog??

    I have this problem too on all my blogs using the same API key.

    Oh well, Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

    I would also like to note I am having issues with the plugin due to backend issues.

    Hopefully somebody is working on it quickly!

    I’m seeing it as well. The glitch seems to be that is redirecting to your own server’s login page, instead of returning the correct text for the Flash BarChart.

    I assume this is related to the new Charting technology they’re rolling out ( ).. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

    Same issues. All sites I’ve checked recently updated the plugin to latest, ‘purtier’ version. Think Vizworld is on the money on this one. Got to admit though, for a second I thought I was hacked 🙂 lol

    Also having the same problem on two different sites …

    Hope that it is fixed soon!

    Well, I’m a little relieved that I’m not alone.

    I’m having the same problem on two sites. It worked about five hours ago though.

    Yep, same problem. Got the stats of and tied to my personal account. Now I can’t view the stats of those sites from their own respective dashboards.

    Its really annoying to have stats data held by third party companies. Why doesnt someone release a tool that will keep stats data locally and provide enough information to keep us happy. 99% of these problems will disappear.

    If you have a blog and can access the stats page on it, you can see the stats from all of your sites. I checked and it appears that the stats are still being recorded and that all of the information is okay. This problem is just effecting the viewing of the stats on self-hosting WP installations.


    In all my years using WP stats, this is the first problem i’ve ever had with it. I like the idea of my stats being held offsite, one less thing i have to load my web servers with.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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