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[Plugin: WordPress.com Stats] Stats break dashboard page once favicon added

  • Hi. I had Stats installed in my blog’s dashboard, and that worked fine until I recently added a favicon to my website. Now, the dashboard page is broken, seemingly because of Stats. The graph display that normally appears at the bottom left of my dashboard screen now has a login field (despite me already being logged in), and that element has seemed to cause chaos on the layout of the page (at the top of the page, the WordPress logo graphic appears twice, one on top of the other). All other pages (that don’t have the Stats display) are fine.

    Going to the Site Stats page of the dashboard, I’m again shown a login screen. Entering my name and password, it accepts it, and brings me back to the main dashboard page again (rather than the Stats window), which is once again still broken (with the double logo at the top, and the login fields where the stats normally are at the bottom left).

    Anything I can do to fix this?


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  • It’s not your favicon. A number of people (including myself) are having issues with the infinite login loop for wp-stats today. I haven’t been able to login to wordpress.com, either, as it wants to loop me back to the login screen for one of my own sites.

    Ah, okay. So, I’ll just wait it out then. I thought it was the favicon, as I just put that in last night.

    Okay, thanks for the news!




    Same problem here, it is not working from last 45 minutes (here in India).

    Hello, I too would also like to note that when I hit the Admin hompage, the stats plugin breaks the page, and requests a login for WordPress.com. Are there issues with the Stats backend for WP?

    Thank God. I almost went into panic mode thinking my blog had been hacked.

    I wonder when the folks at WordPress.com plan on fixing this 🙁

    Understand that it’s still early for a lot of the Automattic staff. 🙂

    Do they check these forums for bugs/issues, or is there some other official way to report them?


    There’s a new update guys. I just upgraded mine and it’s working again 😉

    Actually, mine was working again a little later in the day yesterday, just on its own.

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