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  • mauhorng


    Many people facing this issue, the flash stats graph not displaying. I think I found the root cause and solution.

    The root cause might be the allocated memory size not enough for this plugin, which is 32 MB only by default.

    You may found that there is an error log file under wp-admin folder. Try to open it with Notepad, and if you see this line:
    "PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted ...)"

    it means that allocated memory size for your wordpress only 32MB.

    Increase the allowed memory size to 64MB.

    Edit wp-config.php and enter the following line:
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

    It works for me. Hope for you too. Good Luck.
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  • ldaily


    I’m having the issue and do not have this in my error log file. Does that still mean I could not have enough memory? If so how would I determine that?

    Stats has either slowed down to a crawl — 5 minutes to compile the data, doesn’t work or has stopped showing its graph altogether.

    Please advise.



    Well … it did change things but didn’t fix things.

    I now have my daily and monthly stats graphs but have lost the weekly stats graph (which was showing before the new define statement was added).



    For me the only change is that now I have weekly stats. But no monthly or daily.



    It works for me yesterday, but today, only monthly graph shows up all the time, weekly and daily graph shows something.

    We should wait for upgrade version, I think. Sorry guys.



    I changed the cfg file as suggested too. It worked for the first couple times and that’s it.

    I have been able to get a daily stat, most but not all of the time, by hitting on the weekly stats, and after that comes up, by hitting on the daily stats, then and only then (most but not all of the time) I’ll get the daily stats.

    Bottom line, it has become more of an annoyance to get a daily stat and isn’t worth the time to play with it and wait.



    I’ve changed the config file, too, and the Stats flash applet is still as unreliable as ever.

    One thing which I was wondering is whether it is due to my recent upgrade to Flash 10. My Mac which is still on Flash 9 seems to be able to load the Stats graph properly.



    Nope, just tried that and it doesn’t work. However, I did notice an automatic update to Flash earlier today. Perhaps that’s source of my problem?

    (OK, I know this goes back a couple of days but I’m in New Zealand where updates can happen much later than in the US).



    had same problem but only reverting to 1.3.8 has worked out for me.



    I really don’t understand this… Since this morning, it’s been working properly!

    I wouldn’t want to hint at it being resolved, however, until I know that something’s changed to make it work properly. I’m still expecting it to fail each time I hit on the refresh button!



    Yes, it’s definitely been working for me for a couple of days now. Does this constitute a resolution?



    Mine came back up sometime last night. Thanks, but they’ve started all over from ground zero. My history is gone.

    Any word on a true solution to this issue yet? I’ve started encountering it but I don’t want to implement the original solution but don’t want to implement for fear my history will be wiped out too.

    P.S. I’m using Stats 1.5.4 on WordPress 2.8.4. I can check daily stats and 30-day stats. Any attempt to access quarterly stats returns this error message:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate ## bytes) in /home/henkimaa/public_html/blog/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 930 — Henkimaa being the name of my blog, obviously. The ## represents a number that sometimes changes.

    Any attempt to access yearly or “all time” stats results in a blank page.

    Again, since other people’s histories got clocked back to zero when the followed the original proposed solution, I’m not going to try it. Is there anyone over there at Stats who can fix this? Or propose a solution that won’t wax our stats histories?

    Where is the wp-config.php, and how do I get to it to edit it?

    I updated the new WP-Stats plugin today, and now my graph is gone. I just want to get it back.

    I see that non one at stats has yet taken time to take a look at this problem.

    Is it because the someone put “Resolved” in the subject header of this thread even though it’s not resolved, & the proposed solution did not in fact work properly but instead caused people to lose their stat histories?

    The problem continues. It sure would be nice if this otherwise great plugin could be fixed.

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