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  • Stats plugin – drops a smiley face on all webpages. I thought my site was hacked. Um wow. Thanks for abusing my trust and my API key WordPress!

    **** The smiley does not show up for me when I view my website from the computer I installed the plugin from – it only shows up for visitors and when viewed from other computers on another network – this sure seems like an effort to hide this – why? ****

    Is there an explanation why this plugin drops a Smiley Face below the footer of all webpages? And why no mention of it or ability to control?When I first noticed I thought my site had been hacked – no code apparently generating the Smiley, a noticeable delay for it to draw (obviously from an external source). Wow, just wow…

    Since the WordPress authors make no mention of this “feature”, and allow no control over this I thought I’d share a screenshot in case others haven’t noticed the Smiley at the base of their footer.

    Screenshot of the Smiley added by this plug-in

    Removal Plug-in – out of date?

    How to remove the Smiley by editing your CSS

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  • It’s in the FAQ.

    Thanks Andy I obviously missed that, is there a reason why I can’t see the smiley face from my computer? Due to this it comes as quite a surprise especially since it’s not in the primary doc, not expected, not in the source code and definitely something I would expect from software I installed from WordPress.

    Stats are counted by logging the requests for that smiley image. It has been that way since 2005. When you are logged in you don’t see it because we don’t count the visits of logged-in users.

    Thanks Andy.

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