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  • Nevermind.

    However, in 1.5.1 the chart no longer loads for me in the dashboard.

    after upgrade to 1.5.1 chart stopped loading for me also in dashboard. If you click view all at bottom the chart does show in the new page that opens.

    My dashboard stats are also not showing.

    Same here, I receive a blank dashboard status graph with version 1.5.1, but the “Blog Status” page’s graphs seem to work fine.

    I just did an automatic update for my wordpress stats, and instead of updating my stat software, it just deleted the stat software entirely. So now I have no stats, and I also don’t know which stat counter I originally had. I assume it’s the one listed in this thread, because of the timing of the thread’s appearance and the update, but i’m not sure.

    What’s the best stat counter for wordpress? And is that the same as the default one that comes with wordpress when i first installed it?


    Nevermind. Full reinstallation solved it.

    I just did the auto upgrade on Stats and boom, it’s all gone. I’m left with this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function plugin_dir_url() in /home5/burgerbu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stats/stats.php on line 215

    I deactivated/reactivated/put in my API, which I had to do as a transfer or something. But nothing. No Stats.

    Can anyone offer guidance on my fatal error while I’m still breathing?

    I just did a full reactivation…and nothing. I get the same
    ‘fatal error’ message, which I never got until I “upgraded”. Some upgrade.

    I only miss the stats on the dashboard

    I’m also getting no stats

    same here, no stats on the dashboard.

    @kirkultra, if uninstall and reinstall it, will it also delete all of your past stats?


    yup.. its bork: no stats on the dashboard page.. stats page works just fine..

    Got a fix yet?

    Same here, after upgrade to 1.5.1 chart stopped loading in dashboard.

    Having the same issue with stats not showing on the dashboard.

    Thought I’d do a full re-installation….

    Deactivated, deleted and re-installed from WP repository. Re-entered the API key and and re-registered the blog. Cleared the browser cache. Logged out and in.

    Same issue – still no stats on the dashboard!

    I’m relieved that others are having the same issue.


    I gave up on the “upgrade.” Deactivated/deleted the upgraded Stats; found an old file of an earlier version of Stats and loaded that. God love it, it works fine. I’m not upgrading it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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