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  • I updated my stats plugin this morning, and between now and then, my stats have gotten all screwed up. The other day my visits were up to 140 and now when I check my blog stats, the number for that day is like 70. How did I just lose track of 70 visitors?

    Any thoughts? Should I try uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling? Would really appreciate some help.

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  • I had exactly the same thing happen. Did a test logout and clicked some pages, none of them show up in stats now, which sit on zero for the day, even though they were on 121 prior to the install. Plus the search engine terms have changed, and even though it’s showing some page views the day remains a zero. Also our biggest day, from a month or so before, has changed from 700 and something to 564… It’s all a bit weird. If I uninstall this plugin and reinstall version 1.3.8 am I going to lose all prior statistics? Or is there something else I need to do to recover it.
    website is

    My issue is different but related. I updated the plug-in earlier today, and stats continued as normal. At midnight GMT +3 (btw, my daily counter used to start over at 3:00 a.m.), my stats flatlined, and still shows zero hits even though I see stats appearing in other categories through the WordPress Stat Helper. And given my history, it’s impossible to have zero hits in an hour.

    There is nothing wrong with your plugin. Read the news about why we had to update the plugin.

    Since we moved your stats into your time zone, your “midnight” is now in the right place. If your numbers went down today, it’s because you live in the western hemisphere. Those hits didn’t disappear. They shifted back into “yesterday” where they actually occurred.

    I get that, and see the numbers appearing everywhere else, search engine strings, individual posts etc. Even when I got to look at today’s numbers on the summary tables they appear right… But the overall numbers for today stay stubbornly on zero on that line graph atop the main stats page. Any idea why that might be?

    Mine is the same. The graph has stopped updating it seems, but the summary tables are still clicking over. Im GMT +10.

    Will keep an eye out tonight.

    Mine could be a worse problem. When I log in, it now tells me that I haven’t set up a a blog yet. It had been doing fine up until the upgrade. I actually access the stats through It shows that my site is the blog, but when i click on the stats link, I get the above message.


    Same here, 6 blogs and just today its saying we dont have any.. could be a issue?


    my guess us some sort of WP stats issue, but we’ll see. hopefully the old data isn’t lost forever!



    I tried updating the plugin half an hour ago and my internet connection broke so the plugin was not reactivated correctly. Now it seems that everything was lost. No link to stats in my blog, not even a registered blog in ( i have my own domain, which is still registered in my dashboard profile). What went wrong and how can i fix it?

    My page-view count dropped by HUNDREDS since I updated! Any way to go back to the previous version, which knew how to count??


    Have recently found you can view the page stats by going into the blog itself and then clicking Blog Stats on the left side in the dashboard tab (presuming its 2.7) and then if needed entering you details.


    Yes and no. It works sporadically. Often times it won’t even take my password (does nothing). I wish it worked a little more consistently. If it doesn’t clear up, I think I’m going to switch back to Google Analytics.

    i lost all the stats of my blog and now it’s not keeping track of the stats, but only daily, so every day the historic stats comeback to zero. besides that, again i can’t see the graph or open the blog stats page.
    help please

    Mine is the same. Since I updated the stats are at zero and not recording any visits at all. Is anybody working to fix this?

    same problem here, though I only have it with my own installation on my server. Zero visits since the day I updated something (don’t know which one it was). Though google says I had visits in Analytics.

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