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  • I have no idea why, but the ‘Humanize’ graph tab doesn’t work for me. Clicking on it shows first an iframe of the wp-admin dashboard (the frame is shown below the graph, briefly) and then goes on to redirect me happily to… a blank page.

    Not to disparage the kind opportunity granted so as to enjoy the ageless tranquility of a clutterless, pristine page, but I’m not sure I’m having an appropriate response compared to the intended effect, as it makes me restless, somewhat agitated even.

    Any suggestions other than seeking prescription tranquilizers? (I suppose not clicking the Humanize link would be another, more high-tech solution but that’s a notch above my comprehensive limitations.)

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  • Mystery solved – it’s the result of activating the April 1 (“fun”) mode in the profile. Switched back to dead earnest mode and all is good again.

    Bah humbug.

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