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  • On one of the several blogs I admin, the Flash stats graph is no longer displaying in the stats dashboard. The combobox to switch between different stats accounts is also not displaying. The plugin appears to be working fine in all other respects.

    screengrab of the affected blog’s stats dashboard. A right-click on the space where the graph should be shows a ‘movie not loaded’ message.

    This is happening for both me and the blog owner, in different geographical locations and browsers.

    Form the back end of my personal blog, where I can switch between the stats accounts I have access to, my graph displays fine as does the graph for the affected blog.

    screengrab of affected blog’s stats graph viewed from my personal blog’s dashboard

    The affected blog is at ; it was upgraded by the owner to 2.8.2 which seemed to be when the problem started although I can find no reference to any known issues anywhere. My personal blog is still on 2.8

    Deactivating, deleting and re-installing the plugin has made no difference.

    Thanks for any help

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  • Seconded on this issue. It just started happening to SouthsideCentral.

    Having the same problem. I’m on version 2.8.2.


    I dont feel as bad now, as it is happening to others. I have reloaded etc but the graph has gone. Website is our bands one at (Yes a music site!) Can the flash graph be fixed?

    Same problem here: I can access all stats except flash movie. When I right click on it, it says “Movie not loaded”. It does this on both Safari and Firefox on Mac 10.5 and also in Windows XP IE7. It happened when I upgraded from 2.7 to 2.8.2 yesterday.


    Okay, I figured out that by reverting to the last version of the plugin, 1.4, it works again. I have officially confirmed on two separate WP installations (one is 2.8 and the other is 2.8.2) that the problem is resolved by restoring version 1.4. Seems like 1.5 and WP 2.8 don’t agree. I went so far as disabling all plugins except that and using the default theme and that did not resolve the issue. It’s not a conflicting plugin or customization of the core (I have none). 1.5 works on WP 2.7 (also confirmed in two separate installations). It does not work on 2.8.

    None of the graphs load anymore, but the numbers are still being calculated.

    @ jrdub

    I’ll give that a go, but that in no way would be a resolution, it would be a workaround (if it works).

    I am also getting this problem. Is there a proper fix for this yet?

    same problem here. started a few days ago and it’s annoying as hell. when is an update coming?

    jay ess


    Poor choice of words. Agreed: it’s a workaround. Definitely needs to be fixed.

    I tracked down the “movie not loaded” issue for one user. It was caused by extra characters added to a php file by the text editor. In his case it was the Unicode byte-order mark, but any extra characters could cause it.

    Most programs are capable of dealing with the Unicode BOM, so some text editors just assume it’s safe to add it. Flash is weak in this regard. So when your wp-config.php (or any PHP file) is saved with the Unicode BOM, your server adds those characters to every page generated by WordPress. The Flash charts in Stats 1.5 are passed through your WordPress server, which adds the extra characters causing the movie not to load.

    The solution is to find and remove the offending extra characters. Maybe you need to tell your text editor not to save PHP files as Unicode.


    If you revert to version 1.4 of Stats, the Flash movie runs fine, at least it did for me in two separate cases. So, it seems to be something in the plugin file itself. If as you suggest, it was a misplaced (or invisible?) character in another file affecting Flash output, the movie wouldn’t appear regardless of which version I was running.

    Since Unicode is the default character set for WordPress (see wp-config-sample.php), it wouldn’t make much sense to save files as something else in most cases.

    jrdub, 1.4 does not pass the Flash movie through your web server the way 1.5 does. 1.4 works regardless of extra characters. Look for them.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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