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  • It`s been a week or so since WordPress Stats stopped working for everyone. Fix the thing already !
    Wassup is good, but not great.
    C`mon people, fix it !

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  • TheAngriestPharmacist


    Mine stopped working as well…

    Two days now, plugin page says it’s all working but zero visitors.

    actually its been 3 days since i get zero visitors. i thought it was because i changed my site domain.

    I got it to work once a few months ago, it worked for maybe an hour or two then stopped and I was never able to get it working again. I made a thread about it somewhere a long time ago..

    I ended up going with statpress.

    I think I’ve found the solution to my problem as I noticed that I wasn’t getting any stats on Google Analytics either. I had just switched to another theme and the footer did not have the <?php wp_footer(); ?> code in the footer.php file (nor did it have the Google Analytics tracking code as well but I think you have to insert that manually anyway). Have you folks checked that as I don’t think the plugin author is going to reply to this thread as it’s titled in such a friendly manner!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    There’s nothing wrong with the stats plugin. It works fine on several sites I have.

    Thanks for your input, but it is, in fact, NOT working for quite a few people. This is just one of several threads about it. Some people are getting stats of 0, like on this thread, whereas others are getting stuck in an endless login loop where you can never get to the stats page. That’s the problem I am having, after the plugin did work for the first 2 days I had it, meaning it’s not likely to be a problem with the installation or files.


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Understood, but you also need to grasp that it IS working for quite a lot more people as well. If there’s a problem, it’s not a problem with the plugin itself, and just screaming “fixitfixitfixit” over and over again isn’t going to get anything done.

    The plugin does work. I’m looking at it on one of my sites right now. It actually shows several hundred hits on that site for today. No issues there.

    So if it’s not working for you, fine, but you’ll need to identify where the problem is occurring by narrowing it down, or something.

    I jsut upgraded to the latest version using the auto update and the WP-Affiliate Plugin stopped working. This killed all outbound links on my site and stopped a PPC Campaign. Ouch!

    I changed WP Stats to StatPress and it is 10 times better than the NOT WORKING ONE !

    My WordPress Stats plugin is working — sort of. For the past week or so, it has jumbled up all of my stats. It has arbitrarily assigned about 98% of all site visits to a single post. I know this isn’t right because I’m using Google Analytics as well.

    I really wish I knew how to get the stats working properly again. Anyone at listening?

    My stats are working once more. I’ve been in touch with someone from WordPress support, and I’m not sure what they did on their end, but the stats are accurate again, and they show the proper distribution of site visits to post titles.

    Stopped working over a week a go for me too

    My stats plugin has been working just fine for a *long* time.

    One day I went to check the stats and it asked me to login, I did and it refreshed the login page asking me to login (again).

    At the time, I had made *no* changes to anything. Heck, I hadn’t even posted in a few weeks. I can view my stats from the website, so I at least have that, but much less convenient.

    Another site I have for a friend, all she gets is a stats graph that registers no hits… everything is fine on her site.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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