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  • Hi,

    I have been an avid WordPress user for just over 2.5 years. During this time I have tried and tested about 6 stats solutions. I have tried Google, the Statpress(s) and Cystats, played with Wassup and even got Piwik up and running. All excellent statistics collectors – some easier to use and learn than others. I have switched between them on several occasions and in the end… I always seem to come back to stats.

    (Note that for performance reasons I choose to run only one stats agent at a time)

    Whenever there’s been a genuine issue/bug with the software – I have found the author(s) responsive and diligent whilst finding a solution. All software is going to have issues from time to time – some are quickly fixed whilst other take a little longer.

    I have on several occasions had issues with this plugin where the cause of the problem lay elsewhere (eg: profile/cache issues with and flash issues in browser).

    Currently (2.6.5 + Hybrid + 20 odd plugins) the plugin is working as good as and has been for the last few versions.

    I strongly suspect that several of the “not working” topics going up on this forum lately are due to issues not related directly to this plugin.

    Finally, I would like to take this opportunity (in light of the recent CMS Awards) to acknowledge the self-less effort by plugin authors in making WordPress an even better product. Thanks.

    Trupela Tok
    Papua New Guinea

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  • 1+ Stats are feature full, easy on the eyes, and give exactly the amount of information you need when doing a quick analytics check. I’d love it if the people integrated this into WordPress itself – there’s no reason why not to!

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