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  • The plugin works fine, but the output will disappear sopradically. Like after a full day of it showing up, it disappears, and then will re-appear the next day… it happens almost daily.

    Any idea why its happening anyone? Or has you had the same problem?

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  • They do. Plugin developers could try out WordPress 3.1 beta and RC candidates months before it was actually released.

    hmm, it doesn’t seem they followed the same process with those in the community who’d be affected by the launch of JetPack 🙂 thanks.

    Not to be harsh but welcome to the world of free, open source, software. If I decide to completely re-design one of my free themes, I can do. I don’t have to ask permission from any users first. Even if I did, I’d get very little feedback. Been There. Tried It. Significantly less than 1% ever bother. So you end up doing what you, as the developer, think is best long term and weather the inevitable storm.

    Sadly, people only seem to appear when there’s a complaint. 🙁

    There are blogs and feeds that you can subscribe to to monitor WP changes and planned developments but again, very few people bother.

    Hi again. No harshness taken, but I wasn’t suggesting they ask permission to make changes, only that the launch of JetPack seems to have surprised even many ‘insiders’ with new realities that probably could have been easily avoided. I’m very used to watching this process, and have in the past tried to explain to others why they can’t expect paid-like support for free software (so no need to explain it to me).

    I only brought it up here because JetPack seemed to be something of a skunkworks project, such that would only reference it as ‘codename JP’ even as it was nearing launch. I was implicitly speculating that this characteristic of the project may have created some extra technical hassles on launch, that’s all.

    All, sorry to hijack this thread. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

    Plugin Author frasten


    Well, let me explain a couple of things. Popular Posts isn’t incompatible with WP 3.1, or Jetpack, or WP Stats, or whatever.
    Simply has currently some issues in its own API interface.
    And nobody but can fix this.
    EDIT: And open source is NOT this. I cannot look at the source of their API interface (I would probably have already sent a patch to fix this issue), and this is a huge limitation.

    Plugin Author frasten


    I got an answer from the developers at

    Any glitches are a result of what we’re doing on our end and we are working to resolve them.

    I am now in contact with them, and I’ll try to give them all the feedback they need to fix this issue.

    WP Stats & related plugins should still be working but, unfortunately, some bugs were introduced during recent work by Automattic. Whilst switching to Jetpack has resolved the issues for some people, it may not work for everyone and Automattic are working to restore service to everyone using both plugins. In the meantime, please try to be patient. Normal service will be resumed asap.

    dont worry

    im on wp 3.0.5

    its fixed…….

    no need to figure out anything

    everything is fixed as of today!!

    stats no longer displays on UTC time, and wp popular post works again. no need for jetpack or magic numbers.


    stats still buggy

    wp popular post works fine.

Viewing 9 replies - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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