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  • triplemoons


    I setup a wiki using this plug-in at and am having issues where the Wiki Editors have access to the Pages they are not supposed to be allowed to edit and do not have access to Posts they are supposed to be allowed to edit.

    I went to the WordPress Wiki website, but their is little support there so I’m hoping to receive some help here.

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  • brianhey


    I’m having the same problem. Just installed the new update hoping this bug had been fixed but it has not. Wikieditor is identical to Editor as far as I can tell, which obviously is a major problem. So now it’s deactivated… again.

    Hey Chaps.

    We did have this issue with people using role scoper/ other role editting plugins at the same time. So try disabling all other plugins and lets us know what happens.

    Otherwise we’d need access to your sites to see what is happening / fix it 🙂



    It stopped working with the 2.8.2 upgrade and looks to still not be working in 2.3. Wiki Editors also can not create a post, which is the whole purpose of a Wiki.

    I disabled Register Plus and it didn’t help the situation.

    can you email ftp + wp admin access to the site – we’re trusty. If we were not your whole site would have exploded when you installed our software 😛




    Hi Im a developer for the wiki plugin I have emailed you,,, didnt find any problems.

    My problem is when a user clicks the link in the sentence: “This page is wiki editable click here to edit this page.” takes them back to a log in page, even after they have already logged in. Logging in again — back to the wiki page — click the link — back to the log in page. A constant loop.

    The only way past the loop is to use the regular wp-admin log in, however, I need to find a way to fix the constant loop problem with the edit wiki page line.

    I am using WP 2.9.2, WikiWP theme with plug ins WordPress Wiki and Role Manager.

    It’s very frustrating not to be able to connect with someone including the creators of this wiki, to get help.

    If anyone has any answers to this – I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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