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    What do you by ‘Gallery’ ? A slider ?

    In WP3.2+ there is the option of uploading media files, attaching them to a post, and instead of inserting each media file individually, you can ‘insert gallery’ which displays a thumbnail of every image attached to the post.

    Plugin Author chris57100


    Added in version 1.1. Please tell me if it works on your system.
    You help me to improve this plugin, thank you !

    Thanks, haven’t tried it just yet but will try it soon when I can find some time 🙂 You haven’t tested it yourself?

    Plugin Author chris57100


    I use it on my wife’s blog. No missing files detected (yet). And i saved 69Mo for 2940 files !

    Hi Chris,

    for me it’s still not working a 100%, with the gallery. An option in the gallery shortcode defines, which image version is being displayed:

    specify the image size to use for the thumbnail display. Valid values include “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large”, “full” and any other additional image size that was registered with add_image_size(). The default value is “thumbnail”. The size of the images for “thumbnail”, “medium” and “large” can be configured in WordPress admin panel under Settings > Media. For example, to display a gallery of medium sized images: [gallery size="medium"]

    So, for your plugin to know, if for example a thumbnail image is used, it would have to check first, if that image is displayed in a gallery, and to what value the size-parameter is set.

    Correct me, if I’m mistaken!

    Best regards,

    Hello everybody, I’m experiencing the same issue with galleries: the plugin detects gallery images as unused. Hope to see an update as that is the major downfall I found in this plugin 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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