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  • a) I’d like to sell different set of items to different countries but I have to prevent buying versions created for different countries on the same cart. (example: there are ItemGB.pdf for customers from UK and ItemHU.pdf for customers from Hungary. Same doc in different languages. I must not sell ItemGB and ItemHU on the same shopping cart.
    If a customer puts ItemGB.pdf to cart and goes to Hungarian section I should delete somehow all items from the cart.)

    b) however payment successfully finished and I am able to process paypal response – cart still keeps the ordered items idependently from status of “Reset Cart After Redirection to Return Page” checkbox. What should I check?

    Is there a way to delete all items on cart in one step?
    Thanks in advance, Z

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  • I suggest you contact the author Mike. I did a couple of months ago for another matter. He was very helpful and the very modest fee he asked for was well worth it.

    It appears there is a disconnect exists between the options page and the code in the primary php file. The variable name used in the code that clears the cart is different than the one used in the option page.

    I apologize for not having the names and/or file lines to place here. I am working on another project at the moment and need to make a deadline.

    Plugin Author Mike Castro Demaria


    Hi szezol,

    Normally the cart is clean after PP send you back to the website. DO you use the live of sandbox mode ?

    Actually WUSPSC is working on 1 cart session and any added items are in the same sesion. If you whant have many cart session (1 per country). I’m pretty sure by using son patch on language var or maybe items var it’s possible, using jquery.

    In any case this is not possible on WUSPSC right now, may be go to features ask, on support forum. If many people ask for the same feature, I will add it.

    Happy new year !

    Hi Mike, I’m using the plugin but can’t get it to clear the cookies and empty the cart when returning from Paypal – any suggestions please?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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