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  • Resolved Franz Josef Kaiser


    Hi guys,

    I’m testing your latest release (v2.0.3) and got some problems here with WP_DEBUG enabled (which I need for testing and developing my own themes and plugins).

    1. Bootstrap LESS Admin page: Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in ~\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-bootstrap-css\hlt-bootstrap-less.php on line 123
    2. Bootstrap CSS Admin Page: Notice: Undefined index: hlt_bootstrap_text_customcss_url in ~\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-bootstrap-css\hlt-bootstrapcss.php on line 463 – this happens on every safe and doesn’t come back on reload.
    3. Both above mentioned problems come from not checking for empty or isset DB/Option values. That should be addressed, as this ends in Headers already sent notices.
    4. A last note: When you state: “Perfomance matters”, then please don’t avoid using the Settings API. Currently I got 16(!!) Db Options added instead of a single serialized arry in one(!!) entry. This is the opposite to performant. Also please use the activation/deactivation/uninstall hooks. Having an option to remove the DB Options is nice, but if I want to uninstall, then I want them removed – else I wouldn’t delete the files.

    Thanks and wish you best.

    P.s.: The first admin page is a commercial overload.

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  • Plugin Author Paul



    Thanks for your feedback and I will address these all in time, and answer some of your comments below.

    Point 4: Performance.
    Performance does matter and we try to code this so that unnecessary code is not executed.

    I’m currently re-writing parts of the plugin to improve upon some of the problems in the way this plugin has evolved, so hopefully it will be better in time.

    There are several reasons we don’t use serialized data – it’s a tradeoff between database calls and the amount of data per call. Our intention is to serialize all the LESS compiler options in a future release – but again, it’s currently not serialized given the evolution of the product.

    Secondly, and very importantly, those data are only read/written when you compile the LESS CSS – not when the site or admin loads. But given that this is a free plugin we offer to the community I hope you will understand how we can’t dedicate our time to making it absolutely perfect.

    Of course, if you’d like to contribute some code to me to help me get it working better, I’d be happy to receive it and integrate it into the plugin.

    activation/deactivation hooks:
    We do use activation/deactivation hooks. Please review the code and you’ll see.

    Data deletion:
    Yes, if YOU want it uninstalled, you want the data deleted, but since this plugin is for everyone, I can’t cater for just one opinion. That is why the option is there because not everyone wants their settings removed when the plugin is disabled.

    Commercial first page:
    The first page is commercial. Like I said, we offer a good plugin – the only plugin – to serve a very useful function and if people don’t appreciate us laying a clear path back to something by which we hope to earn a living one day, then I suggest those people don’t install the plugin.

    There is no-one under any obligation to use it and I make no defense of it given the sheer hours of development that has gone into it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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