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  • I have the same issue, though mine was working fine recently. It just stopped working at some point.

    Nick Ker


    Can’t be of much help, just a “me too” here.
    It worked OK before, but now throws up the Failed to Connect message. The contact is added, notifications sent and everything seems to work on the Salesforce end but the Plugin seems to think it is getting an error response from salesforce.
    I am going to look at the plugin and see if I can change the code in it until there is an official fix.

    I’m experiencing the same problem as well. Any ideas on how to contact the author of this plugin?

    Does anybody support this plugin anymore? Where are you Joost? I too am experiencing this problem. I also desperately need to add hidden fields that will be submitted to SalesForce. This plain vanilla form is hardly useful for our company.

    I’d be willing to bet it’s an issue with WP 3.2

    A quick and stupid fix, if your data is still submitting to salesforce, is to put the success message in the fail box.

    It seems to be an issue with the headers coming back from Salesforce. The is-processed header is not in the response when the lead was processed correctly. It only is available when there was an error (for example when leaving out the organisation id).

    So a quick fix might be (on line 414), to change:
    if ($result['headers']['is-processed'] == "true")
    if (!isset($result['headers']['is-processed']) && $result['response']['code'] == 200)

    Hi all,

    I implemented the fix suggested by “andreascreten” (comment above mine in this thread) and it seems to work: the contact is created properly in SalesForce, and I don’t get the rejection notice when I press submit.

    Will update this thread if I experience any problems.


    andreascreten got at the heart of the matter (it appears the WebToLead servlet used to send an “is-processed” header as part of the HTTP response headers, and now does not), but I’d suggest a slightly different test.

    The !isset($result['headers']['is-processed']) is always going to be true (unless Salesforce changes their servers back) , so it’s probably not useful. Instead, it might be better to switch on debug mode in the post and test the HTTP Response body for the string it puts out (‘Your request has been queued’). So change line 397 to $post['debug'] = 1;, and then try:

    if( $result['response']['code'] == 200
    	 && strpos($result['body'],'Your request has been queued') !== false )
    		return true'

    as a test.

    Should’ve tested a little more thoroughly before I posted… if for some reason there’s a network connection error inside the wp_remote_post call, $result might not be an array. So perhaps:

    if( is_array($result)
    	 && isset($result['response']['code'])
    	 && $result['response']['code'] == 200
    	 && strpos($result['body'],'Your request has been queued') !== false )
    		return true;

    It also occurs to me that if submit_salesforce_form returns false, it might not be a bad idea to send a notification to the site admin using wp_admin.



    Thank you to westonrc and andreascreten for your help!

    I had the exact same problem, and was able to solve it once I found both parts of westonrc’s solution.

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    This has been fixed in v2.0 which was just released!

    Hi All – what file are you editting the response code in ?

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske



    Version 2.0 does not require any editing. Upgrade and you’ll be set.

    Tx Nick – but I am running 2.0 :
    Plugin Name: WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM
    Author: Joost de Valk, Nick Ciske, Modern Tribe Inc.
    Version: 2.0
    Author URI:


    I completely deactivated, uninstalled, removed all references to it in the wp_options table, verfiied the SF ID number, etc.

    The result loop looks like this – and when I upload it, it actually takes the entire site down!

    if ($result['response']['code'] == 200){

    if( $_POST['w2lcc'] == 1 )
    salesforce_cc_user($post, $options);

    if( $options['ccadmin'] )
    salesforce_cc_admin($post, $options);

    return true;

    return false;

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