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  • Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    Are you double clicking the submit button?

    I am experiencing the same issue, some leads get put into Salesforce more than once. I suspect the users are refreshing the page after successful registration. Is there a way to clear the form data when a successful registration occurs?

    I think I figured out why there was duplication of leads going into salesforce from my forms page.

    At first I thought it was that users were refreshing the page but on further testing, it duplicated without refreshing.

    I had two different salesforce wordpress to lead forms on that page.

    When I moved the second form to its own page, I did not experience the duplicate entries into salesforce.

    I hope this is the answer to your question too carlosdemon999

    I get triple leads in Salesforce. I’m sure it is not about double-clicking and I have only one form on the page. It’s pretty annoying to have to delete all the extras. Any ideas?



    We are also getting duplicates in Salesforce. Any fixes?



    We are getting 6 duplicates per single entry. We have 3 forms on one page.

    We have a second page that has only one form and we are getting two duplicates per entry. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    The plugin currently supports one form per page.

    billd67- Your 6 submissions are duplicate submissions from your 3 forms.

    Anyone have one form on their page and still getting duplicate entries?

    I only have one form for the web to elad and I am getting duplicates. This website was setup prior to the salesforce integration. Could something still be triggering the old form that created the lead in wordpress?

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    Are you using the Jetpack plugin?

    Yes. I am new to wordpress so I had to look.

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske


    If you can turn Jetpack off, that’ll resolve the issue for now (the plugins are conflicting somehow, but I won’t have a fix for awhile).

    As I said I am new to wordpress. Can you tell me what Jetpack does and if it might cause any otehr issues?

    Plugin Author Nick Ciske



Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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