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  • I’d like to suggest a couple of additions to the plugin.

    First, I’d like to see the “Reply” text that’s placed at the bottom of each comment controlled in the Settings screen so that upgrades don’t overwrite any changes to it.

    Second, I’d like to have a way to thread existing comments in some kind of drag and drop way. When I changed my blog theme a few months ago, I wasn’t able to use threaded comments like I had been. I wasn’t happy with the bugs and styling issues I saw with Brian’s Threaded Comments and the variations on it. Now I have several months worth of comments that I’d like to thread. I realize I can do this manually through the comments table but I’d like to have an easier and less risky way of doing so. What I’m suggesting is a screen with a comments list where you can drag a comment onto another in order to thread them.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

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  • @ririzarry
    thanks for your suggestions.

    my english is poor, i can’t understand your second suggestion. would you mean that admin can move threaded comment to another comment for threaded? is it? if you mean that, next version will achieve.
    and i can’t understand that you can’t use threaded comment when you change themes, but i know you also can use threaded comment if you change theme.

    I’d like to see the admin be able to take one comment and thread it to another. So for example, a blog has no threaded comments and readers comment and I comment. I’d like to be able to take my comment and thread it to an existing comment.

    When I mentioned upgrades, I wasn’t talking about themes. I meant a new version of the plugin. Right now, the text for “Reply” is set in the plugin so if I change that to read “Reply to this comment” and then upgrade the plugin, my change gets overwritten. So my suggestion is that the admin be able to change this from the Settings screen so it unaffected by a plugin upgrade.

    When do you think the next version will be available?

    Thanks again.

    thanks, ririzarry.
    next version, i will add two function that you are talking about. if you want to test it now, you can leave a comment in my blog, i will send you a beta version.

    i now test it for bugs, if it is stable, i will publish it.

    I got another suggestion;

    If you have a thread that has 15 responses (ex. comment 1 has 5 responses, each of them has 3 responses), just click a symbol to collapse the whole thread.

    and Author Highlight function;
    And if it possible it would be great if you add an avatar function. So the admin(s) could have avatars (maybe a avatar uploading/choosing function), and a choice whether the other users should have avatars or not.

    and another one:
    is it possible to use a reply button instead of the “[reply]”-textlink?

    Love the new functionality! Being able to move comments from within the posts is working great!

    I’ll also second agressli’s Author highlight function as well.



    As far as I know, it’s possible to change the text into the button. You’ll just need to search for the phrase “movecfm()” and you can find the HTML code for the ‘[Reply]’ text link. That’s the way I searched for the code and restyled it with my own CSS.

    Is the plugin author still checking this thread?

    Absolutely loving this plugin so far… The only thing I’d change at this point is:

    When the author of a post comments on their own post, or replies to a comment there, and someone replies to that reply, they get both a notification from the plugin, and a notification from WordPress. If you switch off the WordPress function, they don’t get notified when a reader first comments on their post.

    Is there some way of changing a setting, so that the plugin or WordPress knows when an e-mail notification is being sent, and doesn’t send one itself?

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