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    I just got the plugin and it works great. Just great. The last issue I am having with this is that it does not update the number of comments I have in a post if someone replies to someone. The number of replies is not taken into account. If I have one comment and 5 replies to that comment, it still shows up as only one comment in my blog. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • i tested it all wordpress version, it is correct. i think it is your theme’s ploblem.

    I think it is as well. I have now noticed that on my homepage the comment count does indeed show up as it should. I have a call in my post page, or actually the comments.php that has a line with <?php echo $commentcounter; ?> comments on this article and this is the one that does not show up. This code seems to do nothing. On my homepage, in the index.php file for my theme, I have the code as, <span class="commnt-count"><?php comments_popup_link('No Comment', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?> </span>. I am pretty sure this is the code that shows up the comments count, and it shows it right in my homepage. How can I get it to show on the article page itself?

    What version of WP are you using? Starting from WP2.7, comments can be threaded without a plugin but your theme has to be updated.

    I am using 2.7.1 but I dont think my theme is set up to work with it yet. I went to those settings and they do nothing for my comments. No changes. I’m still trying to figure out the way to get my theme to show the right number of comments

    Poked around and tried different combos of the built in threaded comments but nothing is really doing it. Love the beautiful simplicity of the plugin, just stuck on the little part… will look into conflicts with other plugins. I do have paged comments, among a few, that might be messing up something with this plugin.

    Since you’re using 2.7.1, you really no longer need the plugins for threaded comments or paged comments since they are both part the core WP.

    From your post, I can tell that your theme is using some type of counter ($commentcounter) to count the number of comments. This technique no longer works in 2.7.1. You will have to change your theme to use:
    <?php comments_number('0','1','%');?>
    <?php comments_number('No comments', 'comment', 'comments' );?>

    The first one will just show the number of comments, which would replace your code:
    <?php echo $commentcounter; ?>

    Hope that helps.

    I seems have the same problem on using this, since my theme seems doesn’t support the [ reply ] and threaded comments, and every comments with email will only send to the admin author, how come ? Can i update my theme ? or any source to fix this problem, many thanks.

    AHA!! That did it djpushplay, also solved my issue of having it show only how many comments were on that certain page of paged comments. Thanks a bunch for your help!

    As for you hermanong, try deactivating all of the other plugins and leave threaded comments alone to see if it will work then, just my new-bie suggestion; if it works then one of the plugins are causing the issue. As for the e-mail part, I dont completely understand. Do you mean the the e-mail will send to the admin if there is a response/reply to a comment but not to the other people? Not at a 100% of what you mean by that.

    Lastly, yes you can update your theme, but if the theme author did not update it, you would need to update it your self. You can always ask them to update it, but it depends on if they are willing/able. I got a premium theme and the author has disappeared, man am I pissed, but live and learn.

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